MCU fans have been collecting anything they can get about the upcoming Avengers 4. This quest for clues goes back to all the MCU films to find details which at some point of the film’s original release seemed too small or insignificant, now have potential to become one the biggest twists in Avengers 4.

Some curious MCU fans went all the way back to Captain America: Civil War to claim to spot one major reveal in the MCU timeline that many fans missed.

“In the segment of the airport scene where Pete and Steve have their 1:1 fight, Steve drops a skybridge on Pete, who is able to catch it.

How was Cap confident that this wouldn’t kill Spidey? Surely their fight didn’t reveal how strong Spidey was since they were all pulling their punches.

A better explanation is that Cap already knew about Spiderman. After all, it’s clear that Tony had been watching him for an unknown amount of time and even had a suit to give him, and this was while Tony and Steve were still allies. Tony and Steve were both evaluating Spidey for recruitment, and took catalogue of his powers as he stopped crimes in Queens.”

This Reddit theory claims that Captain America was aware of Spidey’s existence in the MCU before the two met in Civil War. When Cap drops a skybridge onto Parker, Spidey manages to hold the bridge without being crushed. Given Steve Roger’s moral code, the fan states he would never make a dangerous decision without knowing Spider-Man’s capabilities.

We can’t deny the logic behind this idea but Stark clearly knew that Spider-Man was active in-between Age of Ultron and Civil War, so it wouldn’t be hard to summarise that Cap was also aware of new potential Avengers recruits, including Spider-Man.

However, many thread users brushed off this theory claiming that it’s nothing more than flimsy logic. Many pointed towards details like Captain America getting into a tug of war with Spider-Man webs right before dropping the sky bridge over Spider-Man. Cap saw that Spidey was easily able to challenge him and he knew that the skybridge wouldn’t kill the hero.

However, with two never got to meet before the Civil War and with Peter’s demise in Infinity War and Evans reportedly leaving after Avengers 4, it’s unclear if these heroes will ever meet again.

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