Gamers Can’t Have Enough Of Spiderman’s Butt

Spider-Man fans everywhere expect a few things from their hero. Two among these could be his wit and penchant for getting into trouble. However, the latest video game based on the character has confirmed a third fact, and fans are happy to see the Trinity completed.

Gamers seem to be sort of impressed with Spidey’s butt and we have various PS4 game screenshots to prove this! Fans took this to social media and it became so popular that Marvel Games’ executive creative Director acknowledged it.

Bill Roseman tweeted with an image of Spidey’s butt from the game saying, “Another key ingredient to get Spider-Man right: his butt.”

“Our goal was to give him, due to his 8 years of leaping & web-slinging & wall-crawling, the muscular & sculpted glutes of a gymnast.”

Fans have sided with Rosemann over this as Peter’s in-game costumes make it easy to show off his physique. Twitter has since been bombarded with shots of Peter swinging around but these shots seem far more intimate and have led fans to wonder how they can get an butt like Spider-Man. Just get bitten by a radioactive spider, I guess!

That being said, here are some of the best tweets:

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