The end of the present leads to the start of the future: Endgame can take viewers to Secret Wars.

After the release of the Avengers: Endgame, a question which keeps on troubling the fans, what comes next after the end of the Infinity saga?

If Disney’s takeover of Fox goes through, there’s a lot more characters to work with all of a sudden, it might be interesting to do something like Marvel’s Secret Wars…

Secret Wars
Secret Wars

Is it the end or the beginning of a new start?

Right now, when everyone’s focus is on Avengers: Endgame, the writers already have something huge in their mind. With the death of Stark, it is very important for Marvel to maintain the same indistinguishable level. Which raises a huge question, who is another decade Marvel’s superhero?

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Russo brother eulogized Secret War

Well, we know you guys are excellent at taking hints! Russo brothers in an interview revealed their allure for Secrets Wars and how it has deeply influenced them.  Secret War is initially a part of the Marvel Comics but the film-makers have some huge plans for it. Marvel is always trying to expand its MCU by introducing new cast, character and script, leading us open to unlimited surprises. Secret War can prove to earn a respectable position like all other movies.

Two versions of the Secret War

Secret War owns two versions in the comic and the most desired one was published in 1984. The other version was published recently in 2015, but it is believed that Marvel’s focus will be concentrated towards the previous version. The new version kinda intricate as it deals with skirmishing of various universes and their destruction. The original version was the first major crossovers as it dealt with the intermingling of many superheroes against a cause.

Who’ll take the position of the new super Villian?


Beyonder from the comic
Beyonder from the MCU comic

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The major interest of the version dispense with the ‘Beyonder’ who abducts various heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe and disposes them to fight on another planet called ‘Battleworld’. The story itself was very distinctive because it was the first time people saw heroes and villains fighting just for the mere interest of a third person.

The question still remains intact on how will Marvel direct the story from the Infinity Saga to the miracle world of Beyonder? Emphasizing a valid connection between the two different storylines can be severely difficult for film-makers, but we are sure that they already have something great already planned. It’s not that hard to believe that Marvel has already left the hints in the previous movies. It’s just one us to find. and when we do, a completely new era of superheroes awaits us!

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Here is the trailer of Avengers Endgame:

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