Marvel Has Revealed Its Most Powerful Weapon And It’s….

With each new film and television show, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow. As a result, the power balance is continually shifting in terms of who is the most powerful or dangerous person or item.

Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Has Revealed Its Most Powerful Weapon
Thanos completes The Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet was terrifying before What If…? since it allowed anybody to wield the power of the infinity stones and, effectively, the foundation for all of reality. However, it was discovered after Loki’s release that these stones were only powerful in their respective universes, severely restricting their potential. The laws were amended again when Infinity Ultron appeared in What If…? since the villain used the stones in several universes. Unfortunately, the stones have become as perplexing as they are lethal as a result of this continuity issue.


Marvel Has Revealed Its Most Powerful Weapon
Strange Supreme

While the real capabilities of the stones are still being discovered, magic has remained a steady power that has grown over time. Magic has already been demonstrated to be capable of rewriting reality, transporting a person to another plane of existence, and even allowing someone to see into the future. While these achievements are impressive in and of themselves, What If…? pushed the edge once more courtesy to Doctor Strange Supreme.

Doctor Strange Supreme

Marvel Has Revealed Its Most Powerful Weapon
Doctor strange facing off with Strange Supreme

In a world where Stephen Strange has lost the love of his life, he travels across time to learn all of magic’s mysteries. As he consumes eldritch horrors to gain their strength, his body and mind are corrupted by black magic. He not only transforms into a monster, but his strength also contributes to the destruction of his reality. Strange, on the other hand, is recruited by The Watcher once Infinity Ultron arrives.

Magic users have been depicted in the comics to be able to slow down characters such as the Hulk, Captain Marvel, and The Eternals. In fact, it affects the majority of living things. Now, the MCU is demonstrating that the same reasoning can be applied in these new realms, as new shows and films steadily reveal magic’s many secrets. Although magic is still in its infancy in the MCU, What If…? has served to establish that it is a force to be feared.

On Disney+, the first season of What If…? is now available to watch.

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