Marvel Heroes Who Are Better Detectives Than Batman

It is DC’s Batman who is considered the greatest detective in the fictional world. That being said, the character has an endless list of abilities, ranging from combat to detective work. Batman can be considered anything but amateur as he appears to be one of, if not the greatest, detectives in the DC Universe as he has only a few other contenders who could best him in a fight or a bar brawl.

But when DC tries to enter the detective category, the critics behind these comic books are left incredibly dissatisfied. It could be because they’re comparing Batman to a plethora of other detectives who are actually better than him – like Spider-Woman and Daredevil from the Marvel comics. For one thing, anyone with a basic knowledge of Marvel characters will tell you that it is no stranger to creating captivating detectives. That being said, these are the 5 Marvel heroes who are better detectives than Batman –

Spider-Woman Has Proven Her Abilities As A Private Investigator

She has spent her time as a private investigator along with Lindsay McCabe. Originally Spider-Woman (formally known as Jessica Drew) served as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and worked alongside other superheroes like Daredevil and Wolverine. But another part of her history includes being a prisoner to the Skrulls, whom she eventually helped kick out after much strife in her life stemming from that period. She was often put through trials that many wouldn’t survive. She knew how to handle herself and has experienced all sorts of challenges throughout her career both professionally and personally.

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Marvel Heroes
Jessica Drew

Debuted in: Marvel Spotlight #32

Jessica Jones Is An Experienced Private Investigator

Jones is very strong in character and a pillar of morality. Though she has had tragic experiences in her life, she chooses to not let them make her fall victim to her trauma. The fact that she chose to pursue the career of being a private investigator despite what she went through is admirable and shows great courage. It’s hard to tell who is better here – Batman or Jessica Jones. But they both have one thing in common – possessing so much strength that they can seemingly endure anything.

Marvel Heroes
Jessica Jones

Debuted in: Amazing Fantasy #15

Moon Knight Possesses Various Personalities At His Best

This character has tapped in detective work on several occasions. He frequently helps those who have been wronged by both supervillains and the law. What makes this character better than Batman is the fact that he has an intense connection with Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. Khonshu rarely speaks to Moon Knight directly, but he provides all the guidance required.

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Marvel Heroes
Moon Knight

Debuted in: Warewolf by Night #32

Wolverine Has A Comprehensive Sense Of Smell

Formally known as James Howlett, Wolverine has been around the detective block for a time or two. He has caught a significant number of baddies throughout the years. But is he really better than DC’s Batman? Maybe yes – because he has got some extraordinary senses. His sense of smell is immensely acute. This is exactly what enables him to track a villain down after they’ve escaped from prison and run across an entire state.

Marvel Heroes

Debuted in: The Incredible Hulk No. 181

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Daredevil Has Got An Unbeatable Perception

Daredevil is primarily the protector of Hell’s Kitchen. He protects the community from threats such as Wilson Fisk, Bullseye, Slade Wilson, and The Owl. With that being said, Daredevil is a lawyer and perhaps that is why he knows how to communicate with victims as well as get all of their sides of a case. Not only does Daredevil have some extraordinary senses, but those senses are even better than Batman’s – because his radar sense allows him to perfectly map out a whole area using smells, sounds, and textures.

Marvel Heroes

Debuted in: Daredevil #1

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