Marvel Is Causing Problems to MCU With It’s Post-Credits Scenes!

One of the key elements that makes any MCU movie a great hit; are the post-credit scenes in the movies. Especially the Phase 4 movies have been having such amazing post-credit scenes. But these scenes are starting to give problems to MCU.

As of now MCU Phase 4’s three movies have had 5 different credit scenes. These are giving some hard time to MCU as they are not exactly setting up what is clear, or in most of the cases, the end-credits are actually overshadowing the movies itself. We can’t expect MCU to stop have these credit scenes but they are increasing MCU’s problems.

Iron Man

The initial Phases movies had credit scenes which actually led up somewhere or were set ups for future movies or a gag and something both. This is what made them so great, as many of them were actually rewarded. For example, the very first post-credit scenes actually led to The Avengers.

But the end-credits scenes got much tougher post Endgame and from beginning of Phase 4

Avengers: Endgame changed a lot about the MCU’s post-credit scenes. It made MCU’s future bit unclear considering they have announced movies which have releases date up to 2023, but the post-credit scenes did not have the same kind of approach as the Infinity Saga ones.

They go on to suggest a lot of things like Marvel focusing on Multiversal saga, expanding it in every way and even hinted at replacement heroes and so much more. Moving forward, this would be problematic for the future films of Phase 4.

MCU has begun Phase 4, but Endgame is still setting the new phase as it has impact on almost every film and show in one way or the other.

Movies Are Getting Overshadowed By Their End Credit Scenes.


This is a major issue in the current films, especially in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Eternals. Shang Chi is a great movie and even refers to MCU’s past visiting Iron Man and Iron Man 3 and even stands out on its own as it mainly focuses on Shang-Chi and doesn’t include many other heroes.

But then the mid-credits scene brought in Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner and it hints at setting probably two different projects with could include Avengers, which had proved to be the talking point of the movie and it completely overshadowed the amazing work done by Shang-Chi and even his relations with his father and sister and Katy.


Eternals also faced something quite similar much before it was released, thanks to spoilers, discussion of Eternals was overshadowed by the fact that Harry Styles made an appearance in end-credits scenes. The second credit scenes of Eternals went on to introduce Blade, at least his voice, a character which was cast way back in 2019.

These two scenes have hyped the movie and despite of all the things Eternals did, problems they faced and the solutions they came up with, battles they fought, all of these were forgotten and the credit scenes were the talk of the town!

Even Ant-Man and the Wasp is remembered just for its post-credit scene!

It feels as if Marvel is more focused on selling their next project instead of concentrating on the current one! Maybe they can solve this in the upcoming films.

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