Marvel Is Introducing a New Spider-Man

JJ Abrams is coming to Marvel in Spider-Man #1 this week. He is co-writing the new series with his son, Henry Abrams, giving the artwork to Sara Pichelli. It turns out that the story isn’t what most fans would expect. Abrams is renowned for throwing audience curveballs, and his first Spider-Man problem is no different. It’s evident from the first few pages that this is a distinct Spider-Man take. Not only that, but this tale seems to be about the birth of a brand new Spider-Man in a big manner, though one is strongly linked to Peter Parker.

!!!! SPOILERS for Spider-Man #1 follow. !!!!

Spider-Man #1 opens with Peter Parker, Spider-Man, fighting against the mysterious new villain Cadaverous and his minions. On the battlefield, Mary Jane goes and finds him out. The villain quickly impaled her.

But we don’t understand this is the Peter and Mary Jane. They have a kid, young Ben Parker, in this version of their reality. To find Peter is no longer a Spider-Man, the problem moves 12 years forward. Instead, to the detriment of his relationship with his son, he is laser-focused on his profession as a photojournalist. Ben is an adolescent who struggles to fit in at college, whose own sense of justice causes him continual trouble.

Spiderman #1 

Spiderman movie snapshot


Ben’s latest outburst lands him in detention. Coming home, his hand gets stuck on the doorknob. He wakes up later that night to find himself stuck to the ceiling. Aunt May comes in and tells him to spend some time in the attic with a box of his father’s old stuff. There, beneath the letters and photos, he finds his father’s old Spider-Man costume, still damaged from his last battle:

Fans psyched for the new Spiderman


Aunt May has set Ben Parker up to follow in his father’s footsteps, and it seems Marvel is about to have a brand new Spider-Man on its hands.

What do you think of this twist in JJ Abrams’s Spider-Man story? Let us know in the comments. Spider-Man #1 is on sale now.


Source: Comicbook, Wegotthiscovered


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