Marvel just announced the MCU’s perfect Spider-Man replacement

Filling Spider-Man’s boots is not so easy to do exactly. But fortunately, Marvel’s got a few iconic heroes waiting for their trial shot at the big screen. Having a little luck, any of these characters might be a good answer to how the MCV could replace Spider-Man.


The replacement of Kamala Khan was exactly not easy

The replacement of Kamala Khan was exactly not easy
Replacement is nice to grab attention from viewers

Kamala Khan was also recognized as Ms Marvel, has been enlarging herself from everywhere all across the Marvel Universe ever since she was seen on the big screen in 2013’s Captain Marvel #17.

She was a Pakistani- American with amazing versatile powers, Ms Marvel has been proven becoming the most popular of Marvel Comics as among teenage heroes.


 Who is new Ms Marvel?

 Who is new Ms Marvel?
Carol Denvers can be the better one; Fans hoped

It was a great loss to announce about the new Ms Marvel because it is not exactly the same amazing task for everyone who represents the role. So, fortunately, Marvel has declared the new Spider-Man as a replacement, who is getting her own Ms Marvel series on Disney+. Carol Denvers is the replacement of Kamala Khan.

So, the new hero STAR is in and Captain Marvel is out, this is the trendy news of the recent time.

It is sad but nice too that Marvel is introducing a new character to all. From a source, it is heard that many fans are arguing with each other about this hot topic. By this, Marvel has got extra attention from audiences. It is upsetting that the previous character shouldn’t be replaced as many of the fans would stop following the story only because of her.

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