Marvel Just Introduced The MOST Messed Up Version Of Spider-Man, Ever!

We’re talking about Marvel 2-in-one where Johnny Storm, Doctor Doom and Rachna Koul have been touring around the Marvel multiverse with the help of Multisect, a device which enables inter dimensional travel. The main goal here is to try and find the rest of Fantastic Four to reunite the team and prevent the Thing and Human Torch’s powers to fade completely. Ben travels assuming that his family is dead and he’s just doing it for Johnny’s satisfaction.

However, unbeknownst to anyone, Doctor Koul is actually leading them across realities under false pretense. They visit a Universe where Earth is the only planet alive followed by a world where Doom has mirdered Fantastic Four. It’s a Mad-Max sort of world with huge barren wastelands and strong ruling over the weak. There are even death matches between humans and monsters but there’s one identity which rules over all and that’s Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.

This Spider-Man is totally different though. He’s cruel and evil and appears to be unhinged and is seen as an extreme being. He doesn’t have his usual mask and wears Captain America’s mask with Spider-Man eyes. He also has a furred cape which is borrowed from the presumably dead Kraven the Hunter.

As Doom and the rest of the group discover more about this reality, we get to know how Peter turned into an evil warlord who rules over the people of Earth. In this world, the Civil War between Captain America and Iron Man seemed to have elevated to extremes and turned into a global conflict. Spider-Man, as hopeless as he could be, killed Iron Man and imprisoned Captain. This version of Spidey is absolutely crazy as he even talks to the Captain America mask on his head, addressing it as the real Captain often.

In the original event, Spider-Man was caught in between the two parties and in this reality, he kills one hero and imprisons another which points out to the consequences of war and the cost one has to pay to stop it. It seems like all it costed was the sanity of the world’s greatest superhero.

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