Marvel Looking To Replace Brie Larson In Future MCU movies

Brie Larson may still be Captain Marvel but Marvel is already looking to replace her in the future.

Many MCU “Fans” are campaigning left and right to remove Brie Larson from the role of Captain Marvel. But Marvel is having none of that idiocy. After all, Brie Larson has just started her MCU career and has appeared in just two MCU movies till now. One is her own origin solo movie and the other is the massive team up movie Avengers: Endgame. But it seems like Marvel is already planning her replacement once her contract is over.

But speaking of Endgame, check out this deleted scene with Captain Marvel:

Brie Larson Will Be Replaced As Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau set to replace Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel?. Pic courtesy:
Monica Rambeau set to replace Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel?. Pic courtesy:

For the time being Brie Larson isn’t going anywhere. Captain Marvel 2 is coming up next for her and if all goes well, she will get her trilogy, appear in cameos and lead a handful of Avengers team up movies before ending her MCU career with a healthy bank account. But her MCU career still has a lot of years in it. Yet it appears that Marvel has already started planning on who will be replacing Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel once her MCU stint ends.

According to industry insider DanielRPK, Marvel is thinking about the future of the Captain Marvel franchise once Larson’s contract is up. They are thinking of introducing a new version of the heroine. To be more precise, the studio is planning to have Monica Rambeau step up to become MCU’s new Captain Marvel. DanielRPK tweeted that:

“Love where the MCU is headed diversity wise. We had an all white 6 Avengers at first but down the line we’ll get a black Captain America (Sam), Spider-Man (Miles) and Captain Marvel (Monica). Asian with Shang-Chi and Sersi and Muslim with Ms. Marvel and Blade.”

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Monica Rambeau As New Captain Marvel

Brie Larson will be replaced by Parris. Pic courtesy:
Brie Larson will be replaced by Parris. Pic courtesy:

DanielRPK was of course asked to clarify about Brie and her position as Captain Marvel in the MCU in particular. He made it clear that Monica will replace Carol as the MCU’s Captain Marvel.

Monica was introduced as a child in Captain Marvel. She was the daughter of Carol’s best pal Maria (Lashana Lynch), and was played by Akira Akbar. Monica will return in WandaVision, but this time she will be portrayed by Teyonah Parris as an adult. For now, it won’t be wrong to assume that it is Parris who will be replacing Larson as Captain Marvel. After all, Marvel rarely recruits actors to discard them after a short role. When someone is in the MCU, especially in a role which has a lot of comicbook history to it, then they generally go on to become the lead sometime or the other.

In the comics, Monica has gone by many superhero alter egos- Photon, Spectrum and, also Captain Marvel. But here’s something a little interesting- in the comics, Monica’s run as Captain Marvel actually predates Carol’s. It’s quite possible that Monica will get a little hint of her powers in Wandavision or maybe Marvel will hold that off till Captain Marvel 2 or 3. Maybe she will be Photon or Spectrum first before taking on the role of Captain Marvel from Carol with her blessings.

Captain Marvel 2 will be arriving in 2022 and will reportedly take place in the present day. Fans of Brie Larson can rest assured that she is staying for now. Many people will say that Marvel is talking about replacing her already because of the fan petitions. But Daniel’s tweet clearly says that Miles is due to replace Peter’s Spidey as well and Peter is just on his second solo movie. Not to mention Peter Parker’s Spider-Man is Marvel’s crown jewel. So it’s not something which Brie is facing alone.

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