Marvel May Have Just Introduced A ‘Stan Lee’ Spider-Man

While Marvel legend Stan Lee passed away a bit over a month ago, Marvel Comics paid tribute to him in titles releasing yesterday, each one emblazoned with a sombre black armband running along the top as well as many black pages and stunning piece of art by Phil Noto featuring Lee. However, in Spider-Giddeon #5, Marvel may have paid tribute to Lee in another moving way.

The Spider-Gideon book is packed with Spider-beings from different corners of the Marvel Universe. We’re talking about Octavia Otto, Spider-Woman, Spider-UK, Spider-Ham and many more. The issue even provides fans a character called Spider-Cop but tucked in the issue this week was another version of Spidey. This version looks familiar with a white moustache, white hair and big glasses. Yes, it’s the one that looks a lot like Stan Lee. Check it out:

In the above image, the Stan-Lee like Spidey can be seen on the left side of the image, just behind Peter’s shoulder, positioned as though he’s proudly looking on as Peter speaks. The same Spider-Man appears again in the issue while Miles, Octavius Otto and Peter discuss how they plan to take out Inheritors.

As fans know, Lee co-created Spider-Man and the beloved character was deeply associated to Lee. It also embraces the fact that Lee often espoused: anyone can be a hero.

While talking to, Chris Killian at Into The Spider-Verse junket, producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord talked about Lee’s cameo.

“I think that it’s a really warm cameo, and we’ve seen it play with an audience for a few months now, and it’s always been a welcome presence,” said Lord. “People are always excited to see him. We’ve seen it since then with an audience, and there’s still a kind of joy in it, even though we all miss him. The audience basically welcomes him back. It’s like seeing an old friend.”

“I feel like it’s taken on an added poignancy since we lost him, but it still as a moment still plays to cheers, but now with some ‘AHs’, and then some laughs,” added Miller. “I’m just happy that we got to put him in a really integral spot of the movie, and sort of at a really important, emotional moment for the movie. And be able to honor him in a way that felt like it did him some justice.”

Spider-Geddon #5 is available now.

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