4 Marvel Movie Moments That Made The MCU Better Than The Comics

MCU comics completed over 75 years with its extensive character audits such as Captain America and Iron man. However, nowadays, Marvel Cinematic Universe is focusing more on its television shows and movies. MCU began its journey in 2008 with Iron man, and thus began the rollercoaster ride for the Marvel fans. During their entire time, they have delivered great hits and admittedly a few drops. Unquestionably there have been some moments in the Movies that exceeded even the Comics.

Marvel-Movie-Moments-That-Made-The -MCU-Better-Than-The-Comics
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Iron man announcement:-

Tony Stark MCU announcement
Tony Stark in Iron Man

Iron man was the very first MCU movie. Tony Stark laid the foundation for the Iron Man franchise. Tony fans were infatuated when he created the Iron man suit in the movie. Tony’s followers also loved his iconic line, “He is embracing his superheroic side and is announcing to the world that there are defenders like him, and he is drawing others to his side — this starts the Avengers edge.” Further, Tony repeated this line at the end of Infinity Saga to gain compound strength.

“I’m With You Till The End Of The Line

I'm With You Till The End Of The Line"
“I’m With You Till The End Of The Line”

“I’m With You Till The End Of The Line”In Infinity Saga, we saw Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers saying the same line. In one scene, Bucky Barnes promised Steve Rogers to be there for him till the end of the line. Further, Steve said the same thing to brainwashed winter soldier while speaking for both of their lives. This moment and relationship defined MCU and its aura as compared to other films and comics.

Civil War Ending:-

Steve and Tony in Civil War

Steve and Tony in Civil WarSome audience thought that MCU’s Captain America: Civil War came a bit soon in the franchise. But Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were eager to move on to the other projects. However, at the end of the war, Zemo shows Tony that Bucky killed his parents. But Steve defends him, and their fight thus took place. Black Panther stops Zemo from killing himself; Steve and Bucky defeat Tony, but Steve leaves his shield behind. Zemo ultimately succeeded and destroyed the Avengers as viewers saw it.

Game changer Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel-Movie-Moments-That-Made-The -MCU-Better-Than-The-Comics
Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok was a game-changer in the Thor series, as audiences loved it to date. Moreover, Thor received mixed reviews, and Thor: The Dark World failed to impress critics. But Thor Ragnarok plays an integral part in Chris Hemsworth’s career. This movie is hearty, hilarious, and every performance of the cast is spot-on. This movie elevated Thor and Bruce Banner to the positions they deserved in the MCU.

New phase beginning:-

Marvel-Movie-Moments-That-Made-The -MCU-Better-Than-The-Comics
New journey After Avengers Endgame

Now, many new faces will appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is all because Tony Stark is dead; Thor is off-planet; Steve Roger is retired; the Black Widow is dead; Hawkeye is training his substitute. As Bruce Banner is alone in Avengers, he will likely join new teammates and reform this team. MCU survived so well and continued to grow over the years. From Iron man to Captain America, Thor, and many more. It will continue to create such moments.

Source:- CBR, Screenrant

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