With the movie sector being affected by the pandemic, it has raised severe concerns regarding the status of the movie theaters. Well, superstar, Chris Hemsworth has some ideas!

The present scenario

According to Marvel and Thor star Chris Hemsworth, Marvel movies can help restore movie theaters after the coronavirus shutdown. With most of the people being asked to stay indoors, the theaters are entirely empty. He stated that there is no doubt that the movie theaters will have the steepest road ahead as it will wait for the people to get back to a healthy life.

How can the movie theatres restore after the coronavirus shutdown?

Fans are waiting for Black Widow! Hence, it must help the movie theaters to regain their ground post-pandemic!

When asked if he thought that Marvel’s output could help and end up saving movies, the star had an optimistic answer. He stated that he has come across many concerns regarding the anxieties about life about the coronavirus. Also, he said that there is enough room for other things to exist. Therefore, movies like those of Marvel studios can bring out people from their homes. Although people have been stuck at their homes, he was pretty sure about the craziness that is to be brought up by the people during November for Black Widow.

The state of AMC and Cinemark

The pandemic forcing people to stay indoors has created many problems for many big names. Therefore, companies like AMC, Cinemark are no exception. The brands will have to battle their way through these tough times. AMC had released a statement that comprised of some of their concerns. The announcement included the real scenario of the working team. According to CDC guidelines, people in the United States should not gather in groups larger than ten people. Therefore, it is impossible to function properly. Although they have stated that the well being of all Americans is above anything else, they will have a close look at the situation of the pandemic.

Have a look at the trailer of  Black Widow:

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