Marvel’s New Mystery Symbiote is Better Than Venom!

The symbiotes are parasitic alien beings hailing from a deep, dark, and long-forgotten part of the universe. They latch on to sentient hosts and in return for sustenance, they provide their hosts with incredibly powerful abilities. The most popular symbiote superhero is the anti-hero Venom. For years, Eddie Brock has made a name for him-self as the immorally strong superhero that will get his hands dirty to get the job done. As the Venom, Brock possesses superhuman physical attributes that in some aspects even outclass Spider-Man. There might be a new rebel in town. This new Symbiote is supposedly stronger, faster, and smarter than Venom could ever be.

SPOILER WARNING: Venom #27 Spoilers Ahead.

It was in Venom #25 that we got a small glimpse of what lies ahead for Venom in the far future. All the possible threats to the world and to Venom could be seen in this issue. There was a version of Venom that latched onto the Iron Man armor. Let us not forget Knull, the Evil Symbiote God. There was a version of Venom where the evil alternate reality version of Reed Richards called the Maker becomes its host. And then there was a new mystery Venom symbiote. We had little to no knowledge on this new character. It wore a mask, and had long silver hair. The character had high tech armor and a glowing Venom Logo.

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Eddie Brock, his son Dylan, and the new Venom villain termed Virus are transported to the future in Venom #26. This future has advanced technology. Exceedingly high skyscrapers and flying cars adorn this futuristic era. The future looked as bright as a neon sign in a dark alley-way. The most intriguing part of this future was the newly introduced Venom logo. The Venom Logo was squared off at the edges, had a red tinge, and was literally everywhere in the future timeline. The mystery kept thickening. There was reason for Venom to believe that the symbiotes are somehow extremely involved in making this reality possible.

The newly introduced Venom antagonist Virus was all the rage a few days ago. Debuting in the previous Venom issue, Virus wore a war machine like armor, was armed with the Goblin Glider and Pumpkin Bombs. The villain is a multi-level threat that has subtly revealed it has a massive grudge against Eddie Brock and his family. That is why Virus is doing all it takes to halt Venom’s legacy.

The Virus crashes the party when the Maker and Eddie Brock are in a fight. He has old equipment that he has borrowed from several other Spider-Man Villains. The entire suit and the associated equipment look like patchwork, with the suit being held together literally by duct tape. The fact that Virus has an Iron Man armor that does not have flight capabilities mean that the dude has access to obsolete superhero as well as super villain tech. Since he is using older equipment, the man underneath the mask of the Virus is not some billionaire or tech genius. He is probably related to Eddie Brock’s past and has come out to give Venom a taste of his own medicine.

But Virus is not the new super villain we are talking about. He is the one that led to Venom and Dylan traveling to the symbiote controlled future. This new mystery symbiote villain/superhero has something to do with Virus. That much has been made clear as of Venom #27. Virus continues to attack Venom and take him down, even though he is also petrified by the future timeline. Venom is cornered and on the verge of being exterminated when the Symbiote Avengers, Venomized Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, come to save the day and of course Venom. Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, She-Hulk, Black Panther, and Iron Man could be seen as part of the new team.

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But Venom’s woes are far from over. The Avengers are not here to stop Virus. They are here to apprehend both Venom and Virus and take them to their headquarters. In this new reality where the symbiotes control everything, the Avengers are no longer a force for good. They have turned to the Dark Side and now work for a mysterious new benefactor. While Venom and Dylan manage to escape their clutches, Virus is captured. After the Symbiote Avengers realize that Virus is armed with anti-symbiote technology never before seen in that reality’s history, it piques their interest. Virus is transported to the Symbiote Avengers headquarters where they hand him over to their leader named Codex.

The mysterious new symbiote character is revealed to be someone named Codex. Codex is the leader of the Hive Church, the entity that controls all the symbiotes of this reality. Codex sits on a huge throne located under the same square shaped Venom logo. He is revealed to be the character teased in Venom #25. He has silver hair, a face mask that leaves his ghostly eyes out in the open and futuristic armor. There is a pair of chains attached to the side that give Codex a retro fusion look.

We still do not know who Codex might be underneath that mask. What we know so far is that the dude hails from an alternate reality where he is the ruler of a Planet of Symbiotes. His throne has a white cross on the top. Codex is also the chief of the Hive Church. This means that there is a religious element to his mission. He might have come to Earth to take the planet down and assimilate into his theocratic empire. Codex does have a connection to Knull, the Dark God of the Symbiotes. He is said to have advanced knowledge and is way more powerful than any symbiote warrior seen in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. He may be the avatar of Knull after all. Or maybe he is someone very close to Venom.

The fact that there is a whole new facet to the symbiote world we have not seen as of yet is a matter of particular interest. If you are a Venom fan, you must know that it is only a recent step by Marvel to explore the Klyntar and their history. Codex may be a step in the right direction after all.

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