Marvel inverse has bizarre materials like Adamantium which was fused to the bones of Wolverine and X-23, Uru which was a magical metal used to forge weapons by Asgardians and Vibranium which is used by Wakanda.

Marvel Universe is a home to people with extraordinary talents, whether it’s freak accidents or alien origins. Johnny Watts, one of the newest Avengers on the team who recently assembled West Coast Avengers alongside his girlfriend, Kate Bishop. Watts is otherwise known as Fuse. But recently, he has displayed some amazing abilities and it has everything to do with Vibranium.

So, Fuse can turn his body into anything he touches. Sometimes, it seems like a great power to have but other times it has its own complications. But in issue #3 of West Coast Avengers, we find out that Fuse’s powers are just what the team needs. His piercings are made of vibranium which allowed Fuse to adopt the properties of the material whenever he’s donning them.

Heroes like Black Panther may wear Vibranium suits but he cannot physically attain the attributes of stuff as Fuse does. Fuse might be the most powerful character to ever grace the West Coast Avengers. Vibranium isn’t just a metal, there’s more to it. It can be used to harness energies and amplify mystical energies.

It seems like Fuse received his Vibranium piercings from Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, given that he is in good terms with both T’Challa and Stark and has also used Vibranium arrows in the past. He is also seen as the founding members of this new incarnation of West Coast Avengers.

Bearing a Captain America shield is a big responsibility and with Vibranium’s powers, Fuse might have subtly become a really strong Avenger. If Fuse sticks with Kate and other Avengers, he might soon become as iconic as Cap someday.

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