Marvel Reveals The ‘First’ VENOM, a Kree Super-Soldier

We would give you a mild spoiler alert as there are several for Venom: First Host #1.

Way before Eddie Brock became the Venom we know, there was a first host who’s a member of the alien Kree race and also, a spy. He yielded a suit which was also a weapon and Skrulls were the partner in Kree’s war against his staunch enemies.

Marvel fans would be familiar with Venom’s creation and this was by Spiderman rejecting the living black costume. He had acquired this during the Secret Wars plotline. This symbiote had latched itself to Eddie Brock who was known to be a reporter who was bad at what he did. He lamented about his poor fortune and held Spiderman responsible for it. He also wrote against Spiderman when the hero had managed to nab a serial killer Brock and mistook the criminal to be innocent.

Very little has been said about Symbiote’s life before Secret Wars and this oversight will be fixed through Venom: First Host. The beginning of ‘Venom: First Host’ traces symbiote’s origin as it was taken by some Kree scientists from the planet of symbiotes – Klyntar. This is soon taken further as we witness the Kree-Skrull war, where Skrull soldiers are all set to massacre a group of refugees. This is when one amongst the Skrull soldiers turns against this decision by confusing the armed group and us, readers as well.

This soldier is identified by one of the refugees as Tel-Kar, who had deserted the unit. He further explains that it was just a cover-up to detail his absence and he was embedded in a Skrull unit. A lot of explanations are expected for this scene and we are hoping to see it in the comic books.

We cannot stop ourselves from admitting that these books will open the world to Venom and a lot of possibilities are around with its release.

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