Marvel Finally Reveals The Truth About Wolverine’s Body!

Marvel Legacy #1 had revealed that Wolverine would be back when Logan was shown alive somehow and holding an Infinity Stone. Since then we have seen him in various post-credits scenes of Marvel Comics releases.The Hunt For Wolverine #1 travels back in time a little to disclose a vital part of the narrative related to Logan’s resurrection, especially how he was freed from his adamantium prison. The mini-series Death of Wolverine wrapped up with Logan’s body, as confirmed by the best tools of the Beast, was dead and securely sealed in adamantium. Initially, the X-Men chose to put the adamantium statue in a secret cabin which Wolverine maintained in Canada to serve as a monument to their friend and a place where people in the know could visit to pay their regards. The Hunt for Wolverine reveals that it was not the actual place where Logan was buried.
After staying in the cabin for a while when the other Marvel Universe characters offered their condolences, some X-Men became anxious about the idea of abandoning Logan trapped in the form of his own headstone. Kitty Pryde was called in, and despite it causing a lot of trouble to her, she managed to phase Wolverine’s body out of the adamantium casing.Beast reconfirmed that Logan was dead. The X-Men wrapped an X flag around the body and buried him in a forest clearing, and only the X-Men very close to Logan knew the location. They felt that Logan’s body would remain safe there, but, they were mistaken.

The Reavers spotted Logan’s cabin. Thinking that his body was still there, they went to Canada and tried to shift the adamantium statue, but, X-Men arrived on the scene to stop them. Once the battle was over, Kitty decided to go to Wolverine’s grave and found the X flag being blown around by the wind. She discovered that Wolverine’s body was no longer there and she assembled the X-Men, Wolverine’s Avengers teammates to try and find logan.The issue ended with an image of Logan at some other place, being trained by someone mysteriously enveloped in shadow.The Hunt for Wolverine #1 is available in stores now. The story will continue through the four-part Hunt For Wolverine – Weapon Lost, Adamantium Agenda, Mystery in Madripoor, and Claws of a Killer….



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