Marvel: Secret Connection of the Villain in the Black Widow!

The black widow trailers give a deep connection to Iron Man 3. It is a strange time for Marvel fans; the MCU is actually on hold now, with production suspended on both the films and television shows. Even the theatrical release of the black widow has been delayed, with Marvel choosing not to announce a brand new release date at this point.

What’s next to expect from Black Widow?

What's next to expect from Black Widow?
Black Widow’s overarching plot continues to be a mystery.














Black Widow was entering its final phase of marketing when Marvel pushed the film back. Naturally, which means fans are watching every single clip, striving to intuit the future of the MCU. It is vital to remember that the black widow is the first film within the MCU’s Phase 4, meaning it presumably sets the scene for a great deal of what is coming. To bring a halt from her usual support network, Natasha somehow decides now could be the proper moment to take on the Red Room. It’s unclear how all this could be a setup for Phase 4 – aside from one small detail shown within the recent trailer.

Meet Yelena (supposed) Black Widow

Meet Yelena (supposed) Black Widow
The Black Widow movie trailers subtly tease the return of Iron Man 3’s AIM













Florence Pugh is introduced as Yelena Belova, who, within the comics, was Natasha’s successor as a Black Widow. Unfortunately, trailers seem to suggest Yelena Belova lands up captured by mysterious forces, showing a single shot of her strapped to some bed, and she’s wearing a costume identical like the one she dons in the final fight. Blogger Charles Murphy flipped the image, and he spotted a famous acronym written on the wall next to Yelena: AIM. AIM stands for “Advanced Idea Mechanics,” and they are one amongst the most prominent villains within the Marvel comics universe. They are necessarily a bunch of super-scientists who believe they alone have the intellectual right to rule the planet. Aldrich Killian used AIM’s resources to develop the Extremis biotech in Iron Man 3, and so supported the Mandarin gambit in a very ruthless plan to take over the US.

Is Taskmaster “The Only Villan”?

Is Taskmaster "The Only Villan"?
All this raises the chance Taskmaster is not the real villain of Black Widow at all; Rather , it might be Advanced Idea Mechanics.















In the comics, Taskmaster is portrayed as a mercenary. Up to this point, the MCU’s Taskmaster appears comic-book-accurate, so it might surprise to visualize Marvel Studios to deviate on now. Since Marvel is renowned for using trailers to mislead audiences, it is possible that Taskmaster is not the only MCU mercenary to have been working for AIM. However prominent a role AIM may play in Black Widow, one thing seems inevitable;They successfully capture Yelena Belova by the end of the movie. It is a possible Marvel will switch this story up a bit and have AIM to be the ones who grant Yelena powers instead of Hydra.

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