Marvel sets out to change the MCU landscape with the new British Super Team, The Union

Marvel Comics has announced the dawn of a new super team- The Union- leading head-on into the Empyre. These protectors of the United Kingdom include heroes from the UK, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, with Union Jack ( British agent who first debuted in July 1976’s “The Invaders” #7 as a wartime ally of Captain America, Namor and the Human Torch) at the helm.

The Union series is tied to the impending summer crossover Empyre

Marvel Empyre
Marvel Empyre

This series, spinning out from Empyre, which is set to begin in April. We’ll see the newly united Krees and Skrulls whose plans to invade Earth would put everyone’s existence on the planet in a pickle (shocker!). However, this appears to be just a baseline, the actual outline still remains veiled in secrecy. Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski says in the trailer video that “Empyre is Marvel’s most Earth-shattering event of 2020,”. But that’s pretty much all we know.

The announcement

Marvel’s announcement tweet read “Union Jack joins a new team of Super Heroes to protect the UK in the threat of Empyre! Meet the members of The Union starting on February 18. #MarvelComics.”

While Cebulski said “It will star [Redacted] and [Redacted] against [Redacted]”, Marvel’s Senior VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort added, ”Empyre grows out of a number of key Marvel stories including [Redacted] and a bunch of others. It is the [Redacted] for so many things that have been established throughout Marvel history. It’ll be written by [Redacted] and [Redacted] with art by [Redacted], but the story will be a true [Redacted], one of the most incredible [Redacted] that Marvel has ever put to page.”

Well, everything there IS to know has been left blank, wrapped tightly in a cloak of mystery.

Here’s what we do know

Heroes of Marvel's The Union
Heroes of Marvel’s The Union

Marvel’s teaser image drawn by R. B. Silva, bearing the Empyre logo, billed The Union as “The UK’s premiere super team.” The five-member team will be breathed to life by the creative team headed by writer Paul Grist and artist Andrea Di Vito.

Although we don’t know much about the series yet and almost all the characters in the frontpage illustration remain unnamed, we can take relief in the fact that Marvel’s new team will debut on February 18 with the series launching in May, which means it’s not too far!

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