Marvel: Spoiler Alert! Who just Lifted Mjolnir of the Thor?

In Donny Cates and Nic Klein’s Thor #4, Lady Sif sends Mjolnir faraway from Thor, and an unexpected character lands up raising the mighty hammer. Warning: The subsequent contains spoilers for Thor #4.

Some Insights to the Incident!

Some Insights to the Incident!
The God of Thunder begrudgingly adopted a replacement role!

Shortly after Thor was crowned, Galactus crashed onto his realm, warning of the approaching of the Black Winter. Thor took on a mission to guide Galactus to five planets, which will power the Devourer of Worlds up like never before so that he incorporates a chance of defeating the latter. Unfortunately, Thor’s actions have landed him in the crosshairs of his old friends like beta radiation Bill. While Bill’s powers were no match for Thor’s, the latter was near victory until Sif showed up to place a stop to the fight. Sif makes her point by sending Mjolnir away in Thor #4. And Thor’s adoptive brother Loki finishes up finding it and lifting it himself.

How did it End up with him?

How did it End up with him?
Is this Sign that Loki could be The Potential Owner !

At the end of Thor #3, Lady Sif interrupted her duties as an all-seeing gatekeeper of Asgard to prevent Thor’s brutal beating of beta radiation Bill. She warned him that the only method to get to him would be through her. With more pressing matters to attend to, Thor throws his hammer at Sif, but she activates the Bifrost and sends Mjolnir crashing down to Jotunheim, home of Loki. He was interrupted by the arrival of Mjolnir, which smashes onto the ground. After wondering if it’s some test or trap, he slowly reaches for the handle, and he does the seemingly impossible by lifting the hammer. But before he can further wield it, Mjolnir is called away by Thor, and it flies back to space and returns to Thor’s grasp.

Who All are Eligible for Mjolnir?

Who All are Eligible for Mjolnir?
Who according to you is Best for Mjolnir?

Even though Loki has usually been one among Thor’s greatest rivals, he has finally joined the concise list of characters who deserve wielding Thor’s enchanted hammer. Again, the cover of Loki #1 featured the title character with Mjolnir in hand, teasing that perhaps the role was growing worthy. That issue showed the hammer was growing heavier for Thor, and it had been Loki himself who noticed his brother’s grunt when lifting Mjolnir. While the explanation Mjolnir is growing heavier for Thor remains unknown at this point, it might be a direct correlation on why Loki is now ready to lift it and could become more accessible for Loki to wield it through some means. Since Thor is busy being the Herald of Galactus and King of Asgard, it’d not be long before he gives up his God of Thunder title to Loki.

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