Marvel Superheroes Who Can Be A Better Moon Knight Than Marc Spector

Moon Knight (2022) is Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest addition to Disney+. The series has been having some amazing responses since its first episode’s release on the streaming site. While many of you might want to skip it out, let us tell you just shouldn’t. Oscar Isaac seems to be spectacular as always and it’s certainly building up.

The plot follows Steven Grant, a gift-shop employee who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of other life. He finds out she has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. While he definitely rocks the hero, here are Marvel Superheroes who could be a better “Moon Knight” than Marc Spector.

1. Wolverine

Marvel Superheroes who could be Moon Knight
Can you imagine Wolverine as Moon Knight?

Wolverine is already an experienced martial artist and his healing factor along with the adamantium skeleton, there itself is a great contender for being the Moon Knight. He also has animal-keen senses and his retractable claws are surely a great help. Along with the mystic energies of Khonshu, it can surely take the superhero to a next level. Moreover, Wolverine has some insane stamina and durability which would come at help had he become the Moon Knight instead of Marc Spector.

2. Deadpool

Marvel Superheroes who can be a better Moon Knight
Deadpool could definitely rock as Moon Knight

Yes we know the first time Moon Knight and Deadpool met, Marc could easily defeat him. But Deadpool has some crazy ability of regeneration and physical powers. And we know well he uses his talking and joking skills to break the fourth wall for humorous effects and running gags.  He is known as “Merc with a Mouth” for a reason, right? If he gets the power of Khonshu with the abilities he already possesses, he can really make a great Moon Knight.

3. Punisher

Marvel Superheroes who could be great Moon Knight
Punisher would be a great Moon Knight

Frank aka the Punisher is an Italian-American vigilante who employs murder, extortion, coercion, and torture in his campaign against crime. What made him into a vigilante was the death of his wife and kids. He has been in the military aka the Marine Corps and surely has a lot of strength. Had the Egyptian Moon God chosen him and given him the powers, he could have successfully wiped off criminals and probably wouldn’t even have gone insane. Thanks to his mental capability, we think he could have taken up the powers and used them with a more dodged mind.

4. US Agent

Superheroes who could prove to be a better Moon Knight
US Agent can be an asset as Moon Knight

He is a far skilled fighter and after he took the superhuman serum, his powers have just gone to a different level. He has amazing speed, dexterity coordination, agility, and even balance. He has only got his shield as a weapon but he can surely make the best use of it. We did meet US Agent in the Marvel series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and many even felt sorry for what he had to go through. US Agent wants to eradicate the evil just that his ways are different. Had Khonshu chosen him, he would have proved himself to be a better Moon Knight for sure.

5. Blade

Marvel superheroes who can rock as Moon Knight
Can Blade be a better Moon Knight?

Eric Cross Brooks has dedicated his life to killing the vampires off the earth. He has a unique physiology that helps him become the perfect vampire hunter. He has all of a vampire’s strengths minus their weakness. He has great stamina, senses, superhuman strength, and healing factor, and is also a skilled fighter. Had he become the Moon Knight, he would have proved to be a great asset to Khonshu.

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