The Legendary Super Saiyan form is widely regarded as one of the most powerful Saiyan forms in recent history. The true form of ancient Saiyans will still not be able to take down these incredible Marvel Heavyweights.

Blue Marvel

Adam Brashear is a walking weapon of mass destruction. he was deemed such a threat that the President of the United States of America personally requested him to retire from superhero duty. Brashear possesses a personal link to an extra-dimensional space of anti-matter. To put matters into perspective – a spoonful of anti-matter is a thousand times more powerful than all the nuclear weapons humanity has ever or will ever produce. His body is an anti-matter reactor. It can generate and manipulate infinite amounts of anti-matter energy. Blue Marvel is basically Marvel’s attempt at creating their very own version of a perfect Superman. Coupled with his genius level intellect and his cosmic awareness powers, Legendary Super Saiyan Broly is but a twig for Blue Marvel to snap without a second thought.


The All-Father possesses all the powers a regular Asgardian possesses. But he possesses much more th an just that. Odin sacrificed his right eye to gain omniscience. He is all-knowing and all-seeing. The Odin Force is also at his disposal, which is the combined might of all Asgardian

energy.  With mastery of powerful ancient magic, Odin possesses the power to traverse the cosmos and bend the very fabric of reality. It’s not just on terms of brute force Broly will lose. Odin could beat him to a pulp with a flick of his finger.


Hercules is the Greek God of Strength. Hailing from Mount Olympus, the Olympian has bested warriors like the Hulk and Thor in combat. With a mystic energy source channeling through his veins, Hercules; strength has no upper limit. The blood of Zeus flows through his veins, which grants him immortality and omnipotence. Equipped with his unbreakable adamantine mace, Hercules is a force to e reckoned with. He is one of the greatest martial artists Marvel Comics has to offer with mastery of telekinesis and energy manipulation. He can even shape-shift and is a capable strategist.

Captain Marvel

Blessed with a Kree physiology and amazing energy manipulation powers, Captain Marvel is a force of nature. In her binary form, she has taken down entire alien warship armadas. Captain Marvel is definitely in the upper echelons of strength in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. She can absorb and dish out unlimited amounts of energy. Her superhuman physical attributes are also on par, if not greater than the Hulk’s or even Thor’s. Carol Danvers is highly tactical warrior, employing battle strategies only a battle-hardened and seasoned warrior could employ in battle. Broly is just a walking tank. Captain Marvel is a highly calculative beast.


Broly’s greatest ability is the omega blaster, an ability that can decimate an entire solar system. The Sentry aka Robert Reynolds is powered by an energy source equivalent to the energy released by a million exploding suns. The serum Reynolds was injected with was hundreds of thousands of times stronger than Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum. It literally made Reynolds a God. He can break free from the shackles of reality and attain speeds that help him traverse parallel universes. Even in his Legendary Super Saiyan from, Broly cannot compete with someone with such a high power level.


She might be a surprise entry to this list. Rogue is not the strongest mutant to ever exist but her abilities make her a threat like none other. Rogue absorbs her opponents’ powers through touch. This means that the stronger her enemy is, the stronger Rogue gets. Broly could keep himself charged up with Legendary Super Saiyan energy. But Rogue will keep absorbing that power for herself. She can drain Broly out every time she takes a hit. Among the mutant heroes of the X-Men, Rogue is considered to be the most intimidating of all for a reason. Even Wolverine would be scared to pop his claws in front of her and he is the meanest of them all. Rogue would rag the fight until Broly can no longer conjure any more strength.

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