The writers of WandaVision stunned the audiences by reintroducing Pietro. Well, this is just one of the incidents where MCU has brought somebody back.

Although there is no ceremonial news of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s coming back to Spider-Man, it reminds one of the other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that brought some outrageous comebacks. One could never stop expecting someone’s recovery in the upcoming parts even after they die in the present one. 

Let’s evaluate some of the stunning comebacks in MCU history.


1.The ‘Snapped’

The conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War expressed Thanos wipes out fifty percent of all the life in the Universe. This fabricated one of the most extensive narrow escapes in cinematic antiquity, and audiences were ignorant as to how so many prominent characters would make their comeback.

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The unforgettable portal scene in Avengers: Endgame gave enthusiasts the instant they were waiting for so long. The significant return of some of these previously polished exemplary heroes who from the Universe gave rise to tremendous honor in cinemas across the globe.


2.Monica Rambeau

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They were highlighting Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel as the offspring of Carol Danvers’ foremost friend. Enthusiasts didn’t anticipate the role to be aged up this swiftly. However, arriving afresh in MCU simultaneously, the character of S.W.O.R.D. Within WandaVision. While the part has yet to display any of the capabilities she exhibits in the comics, it’s nevertheless a great inclusion to see Rambeau brought back in some capacity. She will likely have a role in the Captain Marvel franchise’s future and become more of an MCU regular.




Quicksilver also encountered a fatal destiny in the MCU. Shot down by Ultron, enthusiasts had speculated he might make some arrival in WandaVision, although no one looked forward to who would be beyond the character.

Quicksilver marvel
Quicksilver marvel


Evan Peters came back as Pietro, excluding not the Marvel Studios category. The Quicksilver from the FOX Marvel movies, this genre of Wanda’s brother might not be what he emerges to be. His return to a new totality certainly surprised audiences, though.



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Thanos cruelly killed the Vision to revive the Infinity Stone in his fore. No aggregate of time travel could back-pedal this from happening, but the Scarlet Witch has somehow, or other, found a path to bring him again to life.

In WandaVision, enthusiasts were surprised to see Vision around again, despite his death. As the sequence unfolds, it’s comprehensible that, like in the comics, the Vision may not have been retrieved but instead is a projectile of what he used to be.


5.Agent Coulson

The occurrence of Agent Coulson’s murder took place various times that it’s challenging to keep notice. The role has evolved to a great extent over the years, in both the MCU movies and T.V. shows. However, every time it seems like he has eventually met his maker, he returns muscular than ever.

Agent Coulson
Agent Coulson’s Shocking Comeback

Coulson is at this moment in time a life model entice, a kind of android that still has the original Coulson’s character. It might be attainable to eventually get a scene over the line where the Avengers can perceive that Coulson is still breathing, a big surprise to them, much like spectators at the time.


6.Red Skull

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The Red Skull was Captain America’s earliest rival before the Tessaract seemingly murdered him. Hugo Weaving expressed his injustice with the studio and the two separate ways, apparently closing the Red Skull’s run in the films.


However, it turns out the Tessaract shifted the Red Skull into space. The role has since made two arrivals, with a contrasting actor in the role. Enthusiasts were fascinated by the fact that Cap and Skull may stand against one another one more time.


7Jane Foster

Declaring the Thor charter, the God of Thunder’s love regard, Jane Foster, hasn’t been noticed in a while either. Thanks to Marvel Studios’ pledged problems and not being satisfied with her role in the charter, Natalie Portman went off from the MCU.

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However, it came as an immense shock to the enthusiasts when Jane Foster briefly came back in the Avenger’s time-traveling incidents. Even better bulletin has now aired that Foster is making a comeback as the Mighty Thor. She will be flourishing Mjolnir just like in the comics!


8.Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis has always had confused responses from enthusiasts. She has existed previously alongside Thor in two movies in the MCU but made no presence afterward. The genius scientist was great for providing exposition and comic relief. As these movies further ballooned, though, there seemed like there wasn’t a place for her.

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WandaVision has seen Darcy make a massive comeback, and enthusiasts are back on board with the hilarious role. She’s got fantastic chemistry with Jimmy Woo, and her place hereafter of the MCU might have a seat thanks to this show.


9.Emil Blonsky 

Emil Blonsky made the terrific decision to experiment on himself, thus changing into the Abomination. Another role from The Incredible Hulk, asides from a few discussions about his imprisonment, left the past position.

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With She-Hulk starting its building, enthusiasts have begun to wonder what comic book stories it may adapt. Marvel Studios have a fair plan which will see the comeback of Blonsky, with Tim Roth reprising the role. The declaration marks one of the most shocking returns in the company’s antiquity.


10.Thaddeus Ross

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Thaddeus Ross was the antagonist to Bruce Banner’s Hulk in the initial MCU genre of the role that arrived in The Incredible Hulk. Thanks to the conduct’s radiating changes, The Incredible Hulk is a highly ignored portion of continuity.


That is why the comeback of Thunderbolt Ross to the MCU grabbed many by shock. Ross has arrived a couple of times and will make his comeback once again in the upcoming Black Widow film, alongside other possible future existence.


Marvel Cinematic Universe has never failed to surprise its fans with the stunning comebacks of every character. The chances of not reacting to MCU movies are too slight.


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