Marvel:The Hulk to Face One of The Unstoppable!

The Hulk has declared war on the human world, and therefore the only chance of stopping him lies during a classic X-Men villain. The Juggernaut #2 solicit suggests that the latter getting to target other destructive heavyweights, starting with the foremost powerful and dangerous one among all.

A Matter of Worry

Is it A Matter of Worry
The Devil Hulk has declared war on humankind.













Marvel’s most powerful hero has attained a terrifying new form, the Devil Hulk, who is both brilliant and distinctly conscious of the darkness and desires of the souls of humankind. The Devil Hulk has begun a war on human civilization, focused on the perpetrators of global climate change. His war on humanity is polarizing civilians within the Marvel Universe. The latest and most driven incarnation of the Jade Giant is facing competition from alien monsters. Still, none of them are strong enough to be a match in direct combat. But in Juggernaut #2, the unstoppable man will charge into battle against the Devil Hulk, and he might overpower the strongest there’s.

Would this end up being heroically-successful?

Would this end up being heroically-successful?
Juggernaut Up Against The Incredible Hulk!













The Juggernaut shielding humanity from the Hulk will come as a sudden blow for readers who haven’t been tracking the helmet-wearing bruiser lately. Cain Marko had heroic turns within the past but failed thanks to terms imposed on him by people, like when he transformed into a god of destruction. Juggernaut even joined the X-Men temporarily, as to how to bury the hatchet together with his brother Charles Xavier. Still, Juggernaut doesn’t have an area on the new mutant nation Krakoa because he isn’t a mutant.

Can Juggernaut beat the Hulk?

Can Juggernaut beat the Hulk?
None stand a chance, except the equally unstoppable Juggernaut.














As the article details, the duo features a history of battling, and therefore the matchup comes right down to the random variance of their respective power sets. The Juggernaut is impervious to physical harm and has unfathomable cosmic power, but depends on Cytorrak for it. The Hulk’s strength is innate, but each version has different power levels, levels of intelligence, and other traits. Juggernaut has lost to the World-Breaker Hulk before because of the latter’s strategic prowess. Devil Hulk also features a connection to the One-Below-All, an archetypal demonic force bent destroying existence. Would Juggernaut believe his patron to fuel him enough to beat the Devil, or will Cytorrak forsake him within the presence of a being which will see into his soul?

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