Miles Morales about to receive his Clone Saga by Marvel. The June begs for Miles Morales: Spider-Man portrays the young hero running for his life. A red-eyed devious version of himself is in desperate pursuit while Miles’ face explains it all. fighting your doppelganger could be a bit of a task. Hopefully, Spider-Man has had enough glitches with spider-adjacent enemies that this doesn’t prove deadly. It seems like this gloomy version of himself is even weirder than they would appear.

Clone Saga

clone saga
wild thoughts of cloning the clone saga

The thought of a clone being made or born heeds back to the original Clone Saga which is still trying to tie the reader’s mind in tangles until this day. Unfortunately for Miles, it looks like he will be going it solely, which Peter Parker didn’t have to do. Ben Reilly was the heroic Scarlet Spider, who ended up being the real Spider-Man for a short time.

Multiple unknown facets of spider-man

clone saga spiderman
spider-man is the most popular clone saga

Spider-Man’s Clone Saga is such a renowned story that Tom Holland previously commented that he’d like to adapt the storyline. The star informed Cinemablend, “There are multiple things we have visualized in Spider-Man yet, I wish to use cunning evil guys never seen in movies. The first films were so traditional, and so meticulously followed the character’s classic plot, So there’s a lot of stuff left in stock. The Clone Saga, for example.”

Tom holland’s refreshing ideas

tom holland spiderman
Tom holland flying high with his refreshing ideas

Further, he states”It would be so refreshing, I could act out seven characters. That means seven checks! And I like the thought of having characters in front of Spider-Man who have the same abilities as him. It would make sense because duplicating is more or less coming true. It would make sense to discuss that. Like a villain who would comment, ‘This kid has superpowers, I want twenty like him who battles for me. I’ll take one of his hairs and try to duplicate him.’ And obviously, it would end up disastrous!

Spider-man’s clone saga (original)


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