Marvel Villains Who Shouldn’t Have Been Able To Lift Mjolnir (But Did It Anyway)

The rule of Thor’s Mjolnir is straightforward but easily swayed as the plot demands. Despite Mjolnir being in a world full of powerful superheroes, it can be easy to be deemed worthy of wielding Thor’s trademark weapon. That’s what you get with an object that determines worthiness based on the purity of your intentions rather than one that judges someone by their deeds and actions. Yet, there have been times when many characters from the Marvel Universe managed to lift it up. Not only that, but in fact, some Marvel villains also did it. That being said, these are the 5 Marvel villains who shouldn’t have been able to lift Mjolnir, but did it anyway –

Marvel Villain Who Lift Thor’s Mjolnir: Doctor Doom

Dr. Doom is pretty much a bad guy. Despite his intelligence and some awesome powers (magic too), he’s not really a good character. From time to time he gets his hands on Mjolnir, which is cool. But then again, Doctor Doom had only recently stolen Mjolnir after Thor’s hammer fell into hell where the weapon’s protector was unable to protect it from being remade into a simple hammer by Hela since there are no blacksmiths in her realm.

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Doctor Doom was able to lift Thor's Mjolnir
Doctor Doom was able to lift Thor’s Mjolnir

Marvel Villain Who Lifts Thor’s Mjolnir: Air-Walker

Air-Walker is a character in Marvel Comics that may be described as an unfortunate one. He was the latest member of the Nova Corps to take on the role of heralding Galactus, an immensely powerful cosmic entity that requires feeding on planets to survive. Air-Walker went through some pretty tough times during his time as Galactus’ herald, but it’s only when he was murdered by the other members of the Nova Corps and later reborn into an android version of himself that he became worthy enough to hold Mjolnir.

Air-Walker managed to lift Thor's Mjolnir
Air-Walker managed to lift Thor’s Mjolnir

Marvel Villain Who Lifts Thor’s Mjolnir: Loki

Contrary to popular opinion, there are some cases where unworthy people have been known to lift Mjolnir. Although Loki is not worthy, he has been able to bypass that in the past through deception and trickery. When Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Doom tricked everyone into thinking anyone could possess the ability of Thor’s hammer, Loki used this opportunity to get his hands on it briefly.

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Loki once managed to lift Thor's Mjolnir
Loki once managed to lift Thor’s Mjolnir

Marvel Villain Who Lifts Thor’s Mjolnir: Magneto

Mjolnir can also be lifted by a powerful force of electromagnetism. The Ultimate Comics version of Magneto has displayed the ability to lift Mjolnir simply through his magnetic powers, without actually lifting it physically. Magneto has flawlessly channeled the power of Mjolnir and made it one of the most powerful weapons in the Ultimate universe with or without lifting it normally.

Magneto was able to lift Thor's Mjolnir
Magneto was able to lift Thor’s Mjolnir

Marvel Villain Who Lifts Thor’s Mjolnir: Red Hulk

Just as the sky is the limit for red hulk, getting around Mjolnir’s enchantment has become a reality. Red Hulk was able to grab the hammer while it was positioned in outer space because there, it is weightless and therefore doesn’t suffer from the immense gravitational attraction. In fact, the villain used this trick against Thor himself.

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Red Hulk managed to lift Thor's Mjolnir
Red Hulk managed to lift Thor’s Mjolnir
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