Marvel Villains Who Solved Time Travel Way Before Tony Stark

Time travel was a big part of Marvel’s Phase 3, not until Avengers: Endgame. Things seemed bleak for the Avengers after Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of all life in the universe. While Scott Lang had a major part in solving the time-travel issue, it wasn’t until Tony Stark decided to put his mind to it. But did you know that there are a lot of Marvel villains who actually solved the time travel puzzle way before Tony Stark? Time travel is one of the most important tools when it comes to the set of powers. Just imagine, if you had the power/ability to travel back in time. What would you have undone if you could? What’s the moment you would like to relive? We’re sure they must be many!

Here’s a list of Marvel villains who solved time travel way before Tony Stark. Check it out!

1. Kang the Conqueror

Marvel Villains who solved time travel
Marvel Villain: Kang The Conqueror

Kang is all set to make his proper MCU debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. He is rumoured to be the next big bad and his comic history sets him as a big villain. Kang has troubled many Marvel heroes and is a time-travelling king. He has used time travel to conquer a war-ridden Earth and become the ruler. Kang has many superpowers that make him a formidable enemy, but time-travelling just sets him apart.

2. Dr Doom

Villains in Marvel Comics who solved time travel
Marvel Villain: Dr Doom

Kang uses the time-travel technology that was developed by none other than Dr Doom. Victor von Doom is yet another Marvel villain who has achieved several feats in his career. While he is a classic Fantastic Four villain, he has also crossed paths with the Avengers and other Marvel heroes. Speaking of time travel, he has used it many times to take the upper edge. Moreover, the villain even travelled as far as 2099.

3. Maestro

Marvel Villains who can time travel
Marvel Villain: Maestro

Fans are somewhat pissed that the MCU has not been able to get the Hulk right. But that’s not the case. In the comics, the Hulk is still a pretty big deal, especially when we speak of his futuristic version, the Maestro. He is the result of some major nuclear radiation that has taken the lives of many Marvel heroes. But this has only made him stronger as he even becomes a ruler. He was a subject to this time travelling phenomenon when he faced a future Rick Jones and a reality-hopping Proteus.

4. Morgan le Fay

Villains who can travel back in time
Marvel Villain: Morgan le Fay

Marvel’s Phase 4 is heavily dependent on the world of magic, considering Wanda and Doctor Strange are way too much in the plot. However, there’s another magic wielder who is strong as hell and must be mentioned. We’re talking about Morgan le Fay. She first appeared when Doom showed up in her timeline, convincing her to pull back his mother from hell in return for his placement as a general in her army. However, Iron Man stopped him and this led Fay to travel through time to stop the avengers. She is the leader of the Darkhold cult in the sixth century.

5. Ravonna

Marvel villains who know how to travel back in time
Marvel Villain: Ravonna

Before we begin, Ravonna has made her MCU debut in the critically acclaimed Disney+ series Loki as Judge Ravonna. In the comics, she is related to Kang, a dangerous time-travelling foe, and is a deadly assassin in herself. While she was once Kang’s active love interest, she swore to take revenge on him when he chose his hatred for the Avengers over Ravonna. This led her to a dangerous path but she was ultimately defeated.

6. Gorr

Marvel villains who could solve time travel before Tony Stark
Marvel Villain: Gorr the God Butcher

Another Marvel villain who is ready for his MCU debut is Gorr the God Butcher who will appear in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Gorr originally believed that gods didn’t exist. However, when he learned that they do exist and they didn’t help his family from passing on, he was furious. He made it his life mission to kill any God he comes across. Well, it took several different versions of Thor to stop him. Moreover, he once travelled before the beginning of the universe to kill an Elder God and steal his heart. Pretty ruthless, ain’t it?

7. Nimrod

Villains in Marvel who can travel back in time
Marvel Villain: Nimrod

Last but not the least, we have Nimrod who is a mutant-hunting sentinel. Fans who are not aware of them must remember them from the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. Nimrod is sent by a dangerous group of Sentinels who rule a future version of the Marvel Universe and are solely determined to kill the mutant. Nimrod follows Rachel Summers through time and is hellbent on killing any mutant who is deemed criminal in his day and age. He is considered to be one of X-Men’s most dangerous foes and can even regenerate his body.

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