Marvel vs DC: an unceasing debate

Marvel and DC have both been the most favorite comics of all time. Crossovers like Spider-Man vs. Superman or JLA/Avengers have been fun and fabulous. Fans are always excited to see who won the fight between Superman and The Incredible Hulk or other dream match-ups. All these storylines are full of in-jokes and epic battles. But the crossover fight featured in Metal Man #4 is more adorable than ever.

Metal Men and DC

Metal Men
Metal Men of DC comics

The Metal Men have deep ties to the DC Universe, yet they are not the most noteworthy heroes of DC. Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru created these robots. These robots and their inventor Doctor William Magnus have been part of the DC universe since the early 1960s. These robots are filled with powers and personalities and constructed out of metals like Gold, Tin, Lead, Platinum, Iron, and Mercury.

The heroes with similarities and differences

The heroes with similarities and differences
Marvel and DC characters

There is only a throwaway scene in Metal Men. The self-aware view contrasts two heroes who share a vast amount of similarities, which makes sense to compare the two of them. Both red robots can fly and often play support roles for their respective company’s premier superhero teams.

Vision vs. Red Tornado

vision vs. red tornado
Vision and Red Tornado

These two heroes showcase the lateral thinking that has led to simultaneous creations and ignited fan debates for decades. Marvel’s Vision was released two months after the debut of DC’s Red Tornado.
The similarities between these characters can be best described by the parallel thinking that has led to a lot of similar Marvel and DC characters. Aquaman and Namor, Catwoman and Black Cat, Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate, these characters share a lot of similarities and have also evolved alongside each other for decades.
Despite all of their differences, the similarities between Marvel and DC characters will likely remain the center of ongoing disputes between fans.

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