Rock and Vin Diesel is all set to appear in a Marvel series. The quarrel and battle between the two major stars including Vin Diesel and Dwayne are all set to continue to the Marvel vs DC debate. The fights between Diesel and Dwayne became clearly evident in the year 2016 through a Twitter post. At the time of filming the Fate of the Furious, there were sparks between the two actors that were seen to rise.

Friendship Goals????

Vin Diesel and Dwayne
The power duo

Over time, things between the two actors started to get worse. Now, these two actors seem to have gone their own different way. There are speculations that both the actors are said to come in different movies but are slated to release at the same time. Apart from these problems, there is no such problem between Marvel and DC as companies. However, when two major actors seem to be at loggerheads there are people who will add fuel to the fire.

Dwayne Starrer ‘Thor: Love and thunder’

Thor: Love and Thunder
A still from the movie Thor: Love and Thunder


New movies starring these two actors are set to hit the box office on the 22nd Dec 2021 and Nov 05, 2021. Black Adam starring Dwayne is all set to release on the 22nd of Dec, 2021 whereas Thor: Love and Thunder are all set to make its appearance on the 5th of Nov, 2021. Initially, the partnership between Rock and Vin Diesel was great.

Vin Diesel Starrer ‘Black Adam’!!

Vin Diesel
A glimpse of Vin Diesel from Black Adam

The tweet by The Rock on Twitter which reads as ‘Candy ass’ had made huge waves. It was after this tweet that people started to sense that something is fishy between these two. The partnership initially was very smooth however with time things started to turn ugly between the two. 

However, it was just last year that Diesel has wished all the best to The Rock for his future. 

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