Marvel Welcomes The Japanese Superhero Ultraman

Remember Ultraman? Yes, that particular  Japanese superhero with super-vision and super-strength. The hero is all set to come back this year. All thanks to Marvel Comics!

New Member In The Family

Marvel welcomes Japanese superhero Ultraman

The Marvel Comics which is already home to many popular superheroes has also got an ever-growing family. And now, a new member has joined the family Ultraman. The Japanese superhero will be the star of a new alliance formed between the house of the Avengers and his own creators, Tsuburaya Productions.

Announcement And Storyline

The Lore of Ultra soon to grow even larger..
The Lore of Ultra soon to grow even larger.

Marvel Entertainment has made an official announcement regarding a partnership with Tsuburaya Productions. The partnership is aimed at bringing new Ultraman stories to the section of comics and graphic novels in 2020. The announcement was made during the Tokyo Comic-Con, and the new collaboration will launch later in 2020.

Obviously, at this point of time, the details begin with are slim, but it definitely sounds as though Ultraman fans can look forward special tribute paying stories of the earliest days of Ultraman. And this will surely larger the lore of the Ultras. The Superhero holds six decades of success behind him and has evolved as one of the most successful fictional comic heroes of the late 20th century. There’s no way of questioning the exposure earned by the kaiju-fighting comic hero. But what’s after that stored in Ultraman for the readers, can’t be more than a guess.

The Dose Of Hopes

The First look released by Marvel
The First look released by Marvel

Although the most devoted section of fans of Ultraman may not feel the need to know more than the confirmation, still, it’s hard to keep in check with the hopes and expectations of the audience. It is obvious that Marvel Entertainment will expand the universe with their new stories. The assumption is regarding the storyline of comic books for now, because who knows what the future might have stored?

If you too have an idea about the possible storyline, let us know in the comment section. And to know more, stay tuned!

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Source: CBR, Screen Rant.

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