Marvel Wins The Legal Suit Relating To Iron Man 3 Poster

Marvel Studios has won a four-year court battle between Marvel Studios and Horizon Comics Productions. The lawsuit in question concerned the poster from Iron Guy 3, where Tony Stark can be seen stooping with one hand on the ground and also the other with a clenched fist. 

Lawsuit Regarding Iron Man 3 Poster

Lawsuit Regarding Iron Man 3 Poster

The complaint was filed by Ben and Ray Lai, who runs Horizon Comic books Productions. They stated stated that the poster was a scam of their cover for Radix, starring a character named Caliban. They claimed that the two had been hired by Marvel back in 2002 for other tasks, strengthening the link. A New York federal court chose that was not the case and granted victor to Disney. 

Horizon navigated a motion to reject in New York City. It was due to the fact that the judge cited that the operation at least shared a similarity in their “complete concept or really feel” in their verdict. However, U.S. District Court Judge J. Paul Oetken said there was no genuine proof that any person working with Iron Man 3 knew about the cover.

Judge Oetken Grants Marvel Their Win

“There is essentially no evidence in the document that reveals any one of these individuals saw the Caliban Drawing or would have been involved in the Iron Man 3 Poster style, let alone both. Horizon’s disagreements that these individuals could offer an access nexus is founded on nothing more than supposition.”

Oetken likewise added that Radix may have been preferred. However, it doesn’t suggest the illustration of Caliban was widely viewed. When a specialist evaluated both pieces, Oetken said the report was “equivocating” on some of those resemblances. He also included that “there stay adequate differences between the two works.”

End Of Suit Between Horizon and Marvel

End Of Suit Between Horizon and Marvel

Oetken added the following in his closing statement. “Horizon has a practically non-existent proof of duplicating. However, Marvel has presented unrebutted proof revealing its independent production of the Iron Man 3 Poster.”


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Source: Comicbook, The Hollywood Reporter 

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