Marvel Won’t “Lego” You Of The Avengers : Endgame

Avengers is hand down the most loved franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fans lived through the story for almost a decade, they laughed through it, got excited to it and even cried with it.

It was sad for all us to see a beautiful era come to an end with the Avengers: Endgame in 2019.
The Thanos War story line was more than just a story showed in the big screen. It was larger than everything and more expansive than anything we had ever seen in cinema making it an extremely once in a lifetime event and everyone – including the fans and even haters (though they had to admit) will always remember it.

The last two movies of the Avengers series ended up being popularly known as the “Infinity Saga”.
Of course, with many characters dead or retired, the story will be moving ahead but not in the same way.

Marvel knows how to capitalize on all the opportunities available to them and it is not surprising that they will make all the efforts they can to make sure the fans won’t forget these movies, stories and even the characters.
They have even launched their new merchandising line in honor of their Avengers Era.

Now imagine recreating this ending in Lego.

An Instagram user leaked this news by sharing the same about the upcoming LEGO SET which is part of the new Infinity Saga line of merchandise.

Have a look here:

The avengers which come with the set are Iron Man and Captain Marvel along with the bad guy Thanos. The Lego set is inspired by the climax battle in the Avengers: Endgame among these three and of course Thanos’ ship ; Sanctuary 2

We are still not clear about the launch date and if it would be available anytime soon but it is pretty clear that we are sure it would be sold off in no time!

We can’t imagine the joy of LEGO + Marvel fans!

It is not the first time we have seen merchandise from the Infinity War Lines. They have had launched figures like Scarlet Witch’s attack on Thanos, Robert Downey Jr’s original Iron Man suit.

It’s a given that Marvel will soon launch many collectables for the fans and collectors and they are just getting started. The universe created  in the Infinity Saga is so humungous that it has created endless content for Marvel and Disney to mint money from  it. It would be shocking if they left any character alone.

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