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What is To Be done More 
Filming is completed but Film isn’t.

Plot specifics for WandaVision are tightly covert, but production started a short time back with set photos popping online, giving fans a glance at a number of the characters and set pieces for the film. Described as Marvel’s first sitcom, the six-episode series is additionally confirmed to attach to Doctor Strange and, therefore, the Multiverse of Madness with Olsen’s Wanda factoring within the sequel’s equally-mysterious narrative. Originally slated for an early 2021 rollout, WandaVision has been pushed forward to a December 2020 release, meaning there’ll be two Marvel Studios original series on Disney+ this year – the opposite one being The Falcon and therefore the Winter Soldier.

What Is To Be Done more?

What is To Be Done more.
One of Top Disney+ production is WandaVision

Aside from filming itself, one would also get to consider what proportion work there still is in WandaVision during its post-production. Between Wanda and Vision’s respective skill sets, to not mention its time-traveling element, it’s safe to say that it’ll involve tons of VFX work. The Super Bowl spot that debuted fans’ first check out the show confirmed this, because it visits different decades, mimicking popular sitcoms during that era. It is also essential to factor possible reshoots just in case they have to try to do some additional work. So while principal photography is completed, the series still features a great distance to travel before it’s ready for broadcast.

Production is Completed!!

Production is Completed!!
Post-Productions photo surfaces online.

Now, that WandaVision has already finished production, which was followed by a wrap party, evidenced by photos from the said gathering. Crewman Taylor Grabowsky recently shared a gaggle image from the celebrations in Skyline Park Atlanta.

Check out the snap that was posted on the source’s official Instagram account below:

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