Popular Superhero Films That Never Got A Sequel

It has been a long time since superheroes have been showing up on our silver screens. The Adventures of Captain… Read More

11 hours ago

10 Theories About What May Have Happened To Uncle Ben In MCU

Appearing in all Spider-Man spin-offs, Uncle Ben has been a really integral part of the Spider-Man saga. This streak was… Read More

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Ms Marvel’s No Normal Routine For Iman Vellani!

Disney+ upcoming new show Ms. Marvel just gave us a little teaser in the form of a small video clip.… Read More

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WandaVision Theory: SWORD’s White Vision Is Actually Ultron!!

Many might have already thought of this scenario. SWORD, as it turns out, is not the benevolent organization we thought… Read More

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5 DC Hero-Spider-Man Team Ups That’ll Be Really Fun (& 4 That Would Be Boring As Hell)

While Spider-Man crossing over to the DC Universe seems impossible, that has not stopped us from making this list. There… Read More

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Michael B. Jordan To Reportedly Play Superman In DCEU

Michael B. Jordan is a known face in the superhero world. Having had a couple of appearances in the Marvel… Read More

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10 Marvel Characters Who Dislike Spider-Man (And Why)

Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel universe but he is certainly not one of the… Read More

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Quicksilver In WandaVision A Bit Different From What You’d Expect!

WandaVision recently brought in the character of Wanda’s brother Pietro into the picture. But unlike what you’d expect, it wasn’t… Read More

6 days ago

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