Marvel:Endgame Star hints on Comeback of One of the Character!

Ross Marquand took over the Red Skull part from Captain America: Hugo Weaving starring within the primary Avenger in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, says, the ghostly keeper of the Soul Stone.

Is This a Comeback for Red Skull?

Is This a Comeback for Red Skull?
Yes, He’s back!!

Whether the cursed Red Skull was released from his duties when Thanos and Hawkeye each collected the Soul Stone from Vormir. Thanos sacrificed adopted daughter Gamora in Infinity War, and a black widow sacrificed herself to spare Hawkeye in Endgame. Marquand believes a version of the being formerly mentioned as Johann Schmidt is now liberal to return. Since his thrashing by the hands of Captain America in 1945, when the cosmic power of the Space Stone teleported Schmidt to the barren planet. Red Skull’s time because the immortal stone keeper endowed him with powerful abilities capable of transporting him back to Earth, Marquand noted.

The Director’s opinion

Here's what Directors want to say
The Plot is yet to be revealed.

The directors stated that as soon as the Red Skull is freed of the Soul Stone, also Hawkeye gets it, he will attain freedom. Hence, when Thanos dismisses him, he’s free. Hence, the director gave his imagination regarding the primary thing he would do if he still features a vendetta, or if any an area of him still has ambition, would return to Earth.

Marquand’s Diplomatic reply on Red Skull’s Role

Marquand's Diplomatic reply on Red Skull's Role
His Role would possibly be of Guardian.

Marquand says the character could combat a task like Uatu the Watcher, if Red Skull doesn’t come back as a villain, a part of a race of passive observers tasked with watching but not interfering with, the leading vital happenings of the Marvel universe. “I think Red Skull could absolutely enter that region, where he’s just an off-cuff observer of the world and thus the heavenly bodies of the entire universe, and intervenes only when needed,” he said. “Whether he will be a force of excellence or evil, that’s the interesting question.” Asked if he’s been approached by Marvel to reprise the role, Marquand replied that he might plunge the chance to try to do it afresh.

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