Marvel’s Asian Iron Fist Might Solve A Major MCU Problem And Fit Rightly Into Shang-Chi’s World

The new Iron Fist might solve a major Marvel Cinematic Universe problem and could get rightly fit into Shang-Chi’s world.

The Actual Sword Master

In the Marvel Universe, the white savior trope has been one of the most prominent topics ever. It began with the adaption of Iron Fist by Marvel Television for Netflix. This highlighted how the concept of using Danny Rand influenced the journey to become the guardian. It made fans wonder about how a lack of authenticity for characters and a decade of cultural insensitivity can be fixed. Well, now that the books have an Asian Iron Fist, this version can solve a major Marvel Cinematic Universe problem. Additionally, it gets rightly fit into the world of Shang-Chi.

Shang-Chi teams up in Sword Master #3
Shang-Chi teams up in Sword Master #3

As far as the promo image of “Iron Fist No More” is concerned, fans are anticipating that this could be the actual Lin Lie/Sword Master. With that said, the bad guys are trying to haunt Danny because he quits the ally. Moreover, the shards of the green sword and the overall design of the Asian Iron Fist align right with Sword Master’s look, catalyzing the speculation.

The Larger Narrative

It was Gunji, the Sword Master artist, who homage to the iconic “Spider-Man No More.” Keeping this in a loop, it looks like Lin is somehow taking on the mantle. This makes a high sense because he is quite a young Chinese man, which makes him ideal to explore the world of dragons and monsters. Moreover, Gork replaces Shou Lao to become the Undying Dragon, which is again a massive reboot. Precisely, if MCU adapts this model, it could elevate the characters of minorities and color, which will lead the franchise towards a larger narrative.

Iron Fist No More will release in February 2022
Iron Fist No More will release in February 2022

With that being said, Lin’s storyline from the comic world has already highlighted the training session between him and Shang-Chi. It happened after Lin found the sword and got into a situation where he had to fight the demons. Apart from this, there was one more similarity; daddy issues. Thus, there are many things in common to compare him with Shang-Chi as the master of kung-fu. In the end, his character broke the cycle, using the Ten Rings for a good purpose.

The Chinese Flair

Lin, as the Immortal Weapon, and Shang-Chi can walk together as eventual partners and protectors. With that being said, it has been also observed that Lin’s sword is a weapon that traverses various dimensions and destroys things and worlds. To make Iron Fist fit rightly into the timeline, Shang-Chi’s story has already opened a portal to introduce Lin from the City of Heaven. It could include the Chinese flair, which also worked pretty well for Shang-Chi as it helped produce a significant rivalry-turned-brotherhood essence between the two martial artists.

With all being said, now that a new writer from the franchise is posting Shang-Chi’s images alongside the Asian Iron Fist, it adds fuel to the assumption that Lin might make an MCU debut soon, fixing the white savior problem for the franchise.

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