Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America Alternative Skins Leaked

Crystal Dynamics guarantees Marvel’s Avengers will undoubtedly have a ton of skin/outfit alternatives when it launches. The game is set to release the following year on PS4, Xbox One, PC, as well as Google Stadia. Unfortunately, though, it hasn’t shared any one of these layouts to the public yet. Nonetheless, it did share some of them to San Diego Comic-Con attendees recently.

Images Of Avengers Skins Accessible To Public

Pictures of the discussion are gradually however definitely making their means online. This past weekend break, two alternative skins for Hulk leaked. Ever since, alternate skins for Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, as well as Thor have appeared.

Several leaked after SDCC reveal of the game

Several leaked after SDCC reveal of the game

Extra specifically, 2 Captain America suits have leaked. One shows off his scaled fit as well as an additional showing off what appears to be a Sam Wilson outfit. Meanwhile, Iron Man’s MK 42 shield has also turned up online together with what seems like Thor’s Viking outfit. There’s also a picture revealing some slight variant in Black Widow’s attire. You can check out the photos for yourself listed below. They aren’t the best high quality, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.




Concerns Risen From The Skins Leak

Remarkably, that Captain America Sam Wilson skin seems to be not just an attire, yet a complete personality skin. It begs the question: will Crystal Dynamics obtain a different voice actor for the skin? It would certainly be strange to see Sam Wilson, and hear Cap’s voice come out. There’s a good chance this may be the initial look at a higher-level skin. It might end up being more transformative than only an attire adjustment.


Marvel’s Avengers is positioned to launch following year on May 15 via the PS4, Xbox One, COMPUTER, and Google Stadia. Right now of publishing, there’s been no word of a Nintendo Switch port or PS5 and also Xbox Scarlett ports.


Watch the preview of Marvel’s Avengers game here:


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