Marvel’s Avengers Writer Jason Aaron Promises Plans For Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a cult classic character. But it seems like he has not been appearing in more Marvel comics. Jason Aaron is looking to change that with a Moon Knight story he really wants to do.

Moon Knight fans are already clamouring for more of their lunar hero. Since the latest solo run of Moon Knight– from Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows- wrapped up last year, the First of Khonshu has been without a title. He has been hopping from book to book in whatever supporting roles he could manage to score.

Moon Knight’s Supporting Roles In Other Marvel Books

Moon Knight appeared in Doctor Strange: Damnation. Pic courtesy: Marvel Comics wiki
Moon Knight appeared in Doctor Strange: Damnation. Pic courtesy: Marvel Comics wiki

Once upon a time he was in a newly reformed Midnight Sons in Doctor Strange: Damnation. But that team’s seemingly gone by the wayside. But it was also recently revealed that he’d be appearing in a story in Matt Rosenberg’s The Punisher.

Jason Aaron And His Moon Knight Plans

Jason Aaron has Moon Knight Plans. Pic courtesy:
Jason Aaron has Moon Knight Plans. Pic courtesy:

All the above aside, one prominent writer continues to promise big plans for the cult classic character. There has been a growing contingent on Twitter chomping to see more of their Moonie. So in response to that, Avengers writer Jason Aaron promises something major is on the way for their hero. Check out his tweet below:

Sure, his latest tweet doesn’t reveal all too much, but it does confirm the writers comments earlier in the year. Aaron had confirmed to that he had quite the Moon Knight Story arc planned. This was said after seeing a mysterious splash page in Avengers #10 (November 2018) of all kinds of characters in peculiar positions. Aaron said:

“Yes, I do have plans for Moon Knight. It’s a question of ‘When am I gonna slap that in?’ That’s not one of those first arcs after War of the Realms. I really have a big Moon Knight story I really, really want to do. It’s just a matter of when we get to it.”

Apart from seeing Moon Knight lead a zombie hoard in the page, readers also can see Man Thing weilding Mjolnir, Hyperion shattering Captain America’s shield, Iron Fist taking on The Hand and other tidbit’s. Some of those things have already come to fruition but there’s a lot left and Aaron assures us that:

“Everything you see on that page is stuff we’ve either already set up or we’re looking to set up.”

Avengers #21 is due on July 10th

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