Marvel’s Epic $800 Hulkbuster Toy Is The Coolest Collectible Ever

There are times when you come across some truly worthless items with a price tag bigger than the GDP of some countries. You start asking yourself why on God’s Green Earth would anybody want to buy this crap? Who is so stupid to fall for it?!?! And then you come across another such overpriced item and come to a great realization – they keep making things like these because there are still people gullible enough to fall for it. We don’t know about overpriced items but this Age of Ultron Hulkbuster Toy comes with an incredible $800 price tag. And the best part is that –

We honestly think the level of detailing and features this Hulkbuster Toy has, we think the price is worth it. Yep, you can count us among the “gullible” people we were dissing right now. Once you are done seeing the toy, even you will start to take a few step backs from your original position.

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Marvel Toys are worth a lot of money. The world’s most profitable movie franchise makes a lot of its bucks by selling merchandise and collectibles. That is Marvel and Disney’s biggest source of revenue apart from the Box Office sales. In the 2015 San  Diego Comic-Con, Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles released a new Age of Ultron toy. This 21 inch Hulkbuster figure grabbed eyeballs throughout the event. And for good reason.

The reason being its incredible detailing. This is not just some regular Joe toy. There’s some neat tricks up its sleeve. The collectible figure actually opens up like a Transformer to reveal a smaller Iron Man suit just like in the live action movie. To top it off, the internal Iron Man suit’s helmet opens up to reveal Tony Stark inside it. He is seen in the pilot seat.

The Hulkbuster Toy has additional features to pique your interest. It comes equipped with 16 different LED lights. The lights are placed strategically to light up different parts of the figure. Some of them are placed where the Repulsor beams and the arc reactor are supposed to be, revealing a realistic design that sticks to the movie counterpart of the suit.

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The suit’s color code is also withered on purpose. They wantonly rusted the red, gold, and silver paintings on the toy figure to resemble the Hulkbuster suit from Avengers: Age of Ultron. The figure is currently in sale for a price of $824.99 USD. That’s a hefty amount for a toy. Although from the looks and the design of the Hulkbuster toy, we don’t consider to be a ‘mere toy’ anymore. It’s pretty much a rare collectible only a handful will be able to get their hands on.

The Deluxe Version of the 1/1th Scale Hulkbuster toy even comes with an additional accessory. The new accessory adds an additional Jackhammer Puncher to the left arm of the suit. If you thought it was incredible then, you must be thinking it is downright irresistible now. Go get it Collectors. It’s up for sale as we speak!!

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