Marvel’s Eternals, Avengers and X-Men Head Into Battle in New Judgment Day Trailer

Judgment Day is on its way to the Marvel Universe as a brand new trailer for the forthcoming event sees the Eternals, Avengers, and X-Men getting ready for battle.

A new trailer for A.X.E.: Judgment Day was released by Marvel. This will be a massive crossover from Marvel Comics, debuting this summer.

Mutants Seem Scared Of Eternals In The Judgment Day Trailer

Judgment Day
Judgment Day

In the footage, we see Destiny telling Nightcrawler and Mystique that dark times are ahead for the mutant-kind. “There will always be a war,” she says. “That’s the one thing one can always be sure of. The precise details are the problem. They are elusive. Orchis is ready, but it’s not them…”  She then explains that she believes the Eternals will “kill us all” and that they must quickly come together at the Quiet Council to prepare.

Watch the trailer below:

“The Avengers have become a more powerful global force than ever from their base inside a long-dead Celestial,” Marvel said of the series. “The X-Men have achieved a form of immortality on their utopian island nation of Krakoa. And the Eternals have begun a new cycle of life as they continue their sworn mission to eliminate the Deviants. But when the Eternals learn that mutantkind itself is a form of excess deviation, a vicious assault on Krakoa ensues – with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes trapped in the middle.”

Marvel’s New Series Will Be A Massive Event

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

While talking to Popverse, Writer Kieron Gillen revealed that Judgment Day took a lot of planning to bring to fruition. “Honestly, for me, speaking as a reader as much as a writer, there’s nothing worse than an event that comes out of nowhere,” he said. “It had to come from the books. So yeah, I was looking at the Avengers, what Jason [Aaron] has built in the mythology there. I was looking at the X-Books, the secrets of Krakoa coming to light, and I was looking at what I was doing in Eternals, which dances with both of them, the various tensions in Eternal society there. And now, that’s stuff going to blow up. It’s just that kind of ‘Oh, look, these are three logical strains that are intersecting, let’s then bring them forth and see what happens with them.”

Judgment Day
X-Men vs Eternals in Judgment Day

Judgment Day will start with A.X.E.: Eve of Judgment #1 next month on July 13. The six-issue series kicks off with A.X.E.: Judgment Day #1 by Gillen, alongside artist Valerio Schiti, letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles, colorist Marte Gracia, and cover artists Sabine Rich and Mark Books on July 20.


Source: YouTube, Popverse

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