Since Spider-Man Ps4 has been a huge success, Marvel Studio seems to be moving forward with their plan for a ‘Marvel Game Universe’ with one of the most iconic character, Iron Man. Reddit user mcmanybucks shared some amazing concept art showing us what a Marvel’s Iron Man game could look like, and now he has us wishing it was the real deal. You can check out the post below:

It seems like they’re going for a vibe they have already established with the latest Spider-Man game, in the image above Iron Man is standing looking out into a huge, open New York City, waiting to explore it. The visuals strike a similar balance of life like environment and glossy structures, which we’ve seen in the Spider-Man game. The UI of the game has been dialled down a bit for the users to enjoy the look of what seems, and let’s hope, to be a huge map. Although it would be fun to feel like we’re in the game communicating with J.A.R.V.I.S. a lot of stuff on the screen will make get in the way of fans enjoying the view of the city as they fly around in the suit.

Talking about flying around, that would probably be the part fans are going to love the most about the game, just like Web-Swinging in the Spider-Man game is one the most enjoyable part of the game. The thing that could work really well for an Iron Man game would be Crafting, with so many armours in Iron Man’s arsenal customization will definitely be a dream come true, imagine creating your own suit from the scratch and testing it out in a huge map, the possibilities of the what players can create could be endless.

Many fans on reddit are also getting creative with the concept image and coming up with their own concepts of what an Iron Man game by Marvel could look like. Check out the posts below:

At this point, it is a no-brainer that Iron Man will be a fantastic choice for the next game in Marvel’s “Game Universe” considering that the character of Iron Man is Already a huge hit among fans of the MCU. What are your thoughts? What game do you want to see Marvel rolling out next? Let us know in the comments below

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