Marvel’s Scariest Supervillains Ever, Ranked!

All of us love superheroes be it Iron Man or Captain America; but the superhero genre would not be as exciting as it is if it weren’t for the villains.
Some of these villains rely on their intelligence and evilness while some are bigger threats thanks to the incredible powers they posses.
Here are the most powerful villains the superheroes have faced


Galactus is one of the most popular villains in the Marvel comics and for all good reasons. He is a huge cosmic being who travels through the space looking for new planets to devour.
He got his screen debut in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
However, he has much bigger role to play in the franchise considering ht is the arc nemesis of the Fantastic Four gang.
Hopefully, he is given justice in the future MCU projects revolving Fantastic Four.

2. Thanos

The Mad Titan was the most powerful villain the Avengers had face (till now); he had easily defeated Hulk and managed to kill  Loki. His powers came from the Infinity Stones, but was powerful enough to collect them all.
And let’s not forget; he wiped out half of the universe.

3. Hela

Mjolnir is one of the most powerful weapons in the MCU; but Hela just took few seconds to crush Thor’s “mighty” hammer with just one hand!
There itself she established she was to not be taken lightly.
She draws her powers from Asgard which makes her super strong and only way to defeat her was destroying Asgard itself.

4. Ego

Peter Quill’s father is not an Earthling but Ego!
Ego then reveals himself to be more powerful than we can think of.
He is actually a living planet and has the ability to create just about anything that he can think up. With his powers, he has spread himself in every corner of the universe; taking over everything that exists.

5. Magneto

X-Men has mutants full of wide range of powers and some of them are not every smart with their powers.
But Magneto, he has some God-like power and thinks that mutants are superior and should eradicate the humans.
He can control metal, which looks like it is a great neat trick but the movies have also shown how applicable it can be for someone as destructive as Magneto.
All the weapons (including Wolverine’s claws) are useless against him.
And additionally, Magneto has mastered his powers to the point that he can lift bridges and buildings and even extract iron from blood!!!!

6. Loki

When Loki had become a villain, it required all Avengers to assemble in order to defeat him. He had become more powerful than he has been given credit for/
Loki; being a God makes him almost invincible and he is clever too!
He is the smartest person which is a dangerous trait for villains to have.
But we all adore him; don’t we?

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