Marvel’s Shang-Chi Is A Disaster In The Making: Data Shows Even Asian Audience Hates It

Marvel is doing good, pushing for more diverse representation in their core cast members. Simu Liu is the first major Asian superhero to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe roster. While with Asian dominating lead roles the movie remains a highly ambitious project, the data shows a different picture. The Shang-Chi trailer had already garnered a lot of negative controversy for catering to age old Asian stereotypes in Hollywood. But now there is conclusive evidence that proves the movie will meet its doom pretty soon.

Reddit user u/alanjinqq points out the statistics that prove even the “Oriental Elements” of the movie aren’t enough to attract the Asian viewers. As seen in the data extrapolated from MarvelTW and Marvel Studios Hong Kong, YouTube accounts, the movie has hit a rough patch in many Asian countries already.

On the Taiwan account, there were roughly 3400 voters. out of the 3400 people, around 1600 of them disliked the trailer. Amongst the Hong Kong audience, the results were just as unpleasant. 600 out of the 1022 voters disapproved of the Shang-Chi trailer. The YouTube metrics show a 53% and 42% approval ratings for the Shang-Chi movie respectively.

Let us put matters into perspective. The Black Widow trailer on the other hand has a unanimous 99% approval rating on both the Taiwanese and Hong Kong accounts. This paints a very grave picture for Shang-Chi & the Legend Of The Ten Rings. China, Japan, India, and Taiwan are huge markets for Marvel Studios. They contribute significant money in the form of Box Office revenue for Marvel Studios movies. Most of the countries of Asia have started to disapprove of the movie. There is a high probability we would have a Thor 2 scenario at our hands.

Why Do They Hate It?

The reasons for the Asian audiences hating Shang-Chi are varied but legitimate. The movie does propagate a lot of stereotypes. To top it off, despite having an Asian cast, the movie is still made by ‘westerners’ and thus there is not a true Asian movie making experience.

Popular Chinese video platform had some interesting comments on Shang-Chi:

“After seeing a hodgepodge of Japanese ninja, US skyscrapers, gangs and Chinese ancient swordsmen, my brain turned to mush,”  one anonymous user commented.

Another comment that made the rounds was:

“As I said when Marvel announced the casting — who they pick already said: Hollywood will never change its stereotype of Asians, slanted eyes.”  

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings is set for release on September 3, 2021.

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