The latest growth in The Immortal Hulk has left Bruce Banner facing the most ascending fight ever. The Leader is in the skin of Rick Jones, exploiting his “best friend” for some vicious mission, while the Devil Hulk was apparently caged by Xemnu’s brainwashing, leaving Bruce in the absence of his best line of defense. This allowed the Savage Hulk to come to the front and start on a journey of self-discovery inside Bruce’s mindscape.


Immortal Hulk
mind-boggling fantasy

Savage was invited by Green Scar so they could free Bruce’s mind after Xemnu exposed his devious Robert persona and locked most Hulks away. In the mindscape, which is actually a mountain-like theme park. Green Scar has been tormenting him and makes it clear this destroyer cannot depart, as he’s damaging to Bruce and his loved ones. It appears caring, but then Joe Fixit is exposed in an amber gem, trying to break free. Green Scar makes it clear he’s useless as he doesn’t pose a physical threat, but “Sunshine Joe” is amazing when it comes to helping Bruce stay alive.

Sole requirement AKA Bruce

he is the sole requirement


The sole problem is, as it’s Bruce’s mind, he is clueless on how to do this as the power isn’t in his hands. To do so, he requires Bruce in control, not Xemnu. It’s why he aids Savage to take back his body. It’s worth observing that Green Scar resists Xemnu’s a final attempt at mind control, permitting the Savage Green Goliath to defeat him while the World Breaker keeps the mindscape pristine.

Wild Theory

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wild theories are thrown aimlessly


since he has potentials beyond the average World Breaker and from his disposition and smirk, along with that green glow, the suggestion is he’s under the Leader’s control. This could explain why he has a guard against Xemnu’s hold primarily, as the Leader’s mental strength has been increasing over the years and Green Scar might be channeling them. If the Leader can expel Xemnu and murder the most brilliant Hulks, it’d be easier for him to control Bruce’s mind and body. It’s a wild theory It’ll be Samuel Sterns governing the pack like never before.


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