Marvel’s Superman Is Going To Fight Hulk, Doom & Ultron At The Same Time

It’s time for Marvel’s Superman, Hyperion, to spring into action. Earth’s mightiest hero, in a world where the Avengers never existed, will battle strong villains like Doctor Doom, Immortal Hulk and even Ultron at the same time.

Hyperion Against Hulk, Doom and Ultron

Jason Aaron and Ed Mcguiness first introduced the idea in the mid-90s. However, a new trailer showcases a world drastically different from what fans are used to. A world where Captain America was never found in the ice, Tony Stark never became Iron Man and Wanda is spurned as a myth. Meanwhile, Juggernaut’s armour is now possessed by Doom. The only person aware of these changes is Blade.

Marvel teasers show the Squadron Supreme, simulacrums created by the demon Mephisto, clashing with Skull Witch, Black Skull and an Infinity Ring Weilding Thanos. The following issue which features Hyperion himself, shows him face off powerful adversaries like Hulk, General Annihilus and Ultron. This shows Hulk as the villain, contrary to his usual portrayal.

Hyperion fighting the Immortal Hulk

Hyperion is tasked with looking for Doom and avoiding a breakout from the Negative Zone. Hulk, Annihilus and Ultron are powerful Marvel villains. Taking them down individually is hard enough let alone all at the same time. Thankfully, Hyperion, who is based on DC Comics’ Superman has the almost same extent to power. This makes him the strongest and only hero in the MCU who can pull off this feat.

But till what extent will Hyperion’s power help him? Will he fight evil or will he succumb to his own self? Readers are anxiously waiting to read about this battle, when the comic book comes out in May 2021. Written by Jason Aaron, Heroes Reborn #2 features art by Dale Keown and Ed McGuinness and a cover from Leinil Francis Yu.

Source: Screenrant

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