“Maybe I could’ve done without…disrupting somebody’s life”: Drake Regrets Mentioning His Exes in His Legendary Career After Dissing Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna Post Breakup

Even though there is nothing inherently wrong with writing a song about an ex, however, Drake regrets doing so. Throughout his musical career, he has called out his exes through lyrics. And the Canadian rapper’s list of ex-lovers includes some big names like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. These days, he seemed to have a different view of it all. Additionally, he also admitted his changed view on the music industry as a whole. The Hotline Bling rapper recently opened up about all this while appearing as a guest on Moody Conversations with Lil Yachty. He will remain true and honest to his lyrics but Drake will not be name-dropping his exes from now on.

Drake Admits He Regrets Calling Out Ex-Lovers in His Songs


Just like lots of artists, Drake has sung many songs about his former lovers which include other artists such as SZA, Rihanna, etc. But what the Canadian rapper has come to realize is that the people behind these names also live in the real world and have their own lives. Recently, he revealed many of his feelings and thoughts during his appearance in Moody conversations with Lil Yachty. The God’s Plan singer opened up about how a conversation with one of his exes helped him see the negative effects of name-calling the exes. According to Drake, the ex had shared how due to his songs, they would get judged by new people in their life and this would prevent them from making good connections. Talking about this, the rapper said,

“Maybe I could’ve done without, like, sh–ing on people for age or disrupting somebody’s life,”

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The Certified Freak rapper name-dropped SZA in his 2021 release Mr. Right Now. He called her out saying,

Yeah, said she wanna f— to some SZA, wait / ‘Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08,”

During the recent talk, he also added that although he regrets writing about the girls, there was never any real ill intent behind them.

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Drake Also Talks about Addictive Competition in the Music Industry


Recently, Drake opened up about various thoughts and feelings he has been having these days. While talking with Lil Yachty on Moody Conversations, he also mentioned his plans for retiring from music. The rapper revealed he was done with the competition that existed in the music industry. Further adding that the competition in itself could become “addictive” and make artists fall and get stuck into it. Therefore, with that thought, Drake planned instead to have a graceful exit as a musical artist.

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