‘Maybe you just have a random thing’: Doctors Scared for Kelly Ripa, $120M Rich TV Legend’s ‘Major’ Medical Illness Reportedly Threatens Her ‘Live’ Career

Kelly Ripa is a co-host of the syndicated morning talk show Live! with Kelly and Ryan. She is an actress, author, and producer. Ripa has received numerous awards and honors over the course of her career, including five Soap Opera Digest Awards for All My Children and six Emmys for her work on Live and the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade.

Kelly Ripa’s ill health extends her absence from the Live with Kelly and Ryan

Famous talk show host Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa

Fans of Kelly Ripa are missing her dynamic hosting skills on Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Co-host Kelly Ripa returned to the same-named show on Monday, January 9, after missing the previous two episodes due to illness. Her comeback, however, was short-lived because she still had symptoms after healing from her sickness. Ripa’s followers were wondering when they would see her back in the spotlight after Jenny Mollen took over as the guest host on Friday.

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Kelly Ripa addressed what happened during the recovery process on the show. She explained,

“I got really sick, and here’s what irritated me: when you get sick and then have the audacity to test negative for everything, and the doctor says, No, maybe you just have a random thing.” And I say, “It’s not a random thing because I’m clearly dying.”

She continued, “It’s one of those things where it’s like, it’s got to be something dear, so fix it.” Kelly had also spoken candidly about losing her voice, telling co-host Ryan Seacrest that she was unable to speak a word after anchoring on Monday. She explained, “Yesterday, around 2 PM, my voice just left the building,” she said, further adding,

“So Mark (Consuelos) said, ‘Don’t worry, all you have to do is nod yes or no, just look at me and nod.’ And then he goes, “What do you want for dinner?” which everyone in the studio finds amusing.”

Kelly Ripa fans urge the host to take a break from Live

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest
Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest

The following day, in an interview with guest Jane Krakowski, the host appeared to throw some shade on the talk show for keeping her on the air despite her having barely any voice.

“I know your frustration at not testing positive for anything because then you can’t go home,” the She Loves Me actress told her show’s co-host. Ripa continued, barely audible, “I just wanted to have ‘something’ so I could say, ‘Guys, I just can’t do it.’ ‘I can’t be here.'”

Kelly Ripa‘s voice didn’t seem to be improving, despite her doctors’ assurances that nothing was wrong. Because the mother of three showed no signs of slowing down on set, the show’s producer, Michael Gelman, stepped in and urged her to take another break until she was fully recovered. Following the show, viewers took to social media to urge the show’s co-host to stay at home and take care of herself before returning.

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The host continued the Live show with barely any voice

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa

The 52-year-old well-known television personality admitted that even her doctor prescribed her steroids, which she both loves and hates, since despite the fact that she feels better right away, she becomes sick again when she stops taking them. Even though her doctor claimed she was “fine,” Ripa said that she wasn’t sure if she felt well enough to work and that she would remain away from guests.

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