MCU: 10 Hilarious Hawkeye Logic Memes That Are Too Funny For Words

Being in a powerful group, among the most loved superheroes may not seem like a great burden, but ask Hawkeye and he might tell you a different story. All the Avengers have great set of skills and some even have godly powers. And then there is Hawkeye, with his trusty “Bow and Arrow”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying he is not an awesome superhero with incredible archery skills. But fans like to make fun of him for being an archer in a group of superheroes with deadly powers. This makes Hawkeye, the number one choice of fans, when it comes to jokes and hilarious memes. And with the upcoming Hawkeye TV series, the memes are getting even more attention and some of them are so funny that even diehard Hawkeye fans can’t resist laughing.

1. That’s just Mean!!

We all know that Hawkeye didn’t mean no harm when he told the siblings to fight and protect the people. Quicksilver is one of the most fastest Marvel characters. And he sacrificed his life for Hawkeye. And that was a pretty heavy moment in the movie. But you cannot stop the fans from making fun of Hawkeye. And its a pretty funny meme, and even if Quicksilver’s death was not a very nice ending, hey Hawkeye got saved! And that’s all that matters.


2. An Arrow In The Knee!!

Fans have constantly made fun of Hawkeye for being the bow and arrow guy. Even though his precise and sharp shooting skills are something we all know are almost unachievable for most of us. And it seems like people don’t realize how painful an arrow can be as in a scene Loki was shown catching the arrow mid air, making Hawkeye’s only special skill kinda useless. But hey you haven’t felt the real pain and the real power of an arrow until you don’t get hit by it in the knee.


3.  A Sacrifice!!

No fan can say that they didn’t felt bad when Black Widow sacrificed her life. But the race between Hawkeye and Black Widow for who can die first, was a hilarious scene to watch, especially now when we all know the result of the fight. Two Superheroes with no extraordinary powers, fighting to die was just what fans needed to create numerous funny memes about them.


4. A New Haircut Needed!!

After the Thanos’ snap, Hawkeye experienced an immense lose. His whole family was gone and it was a miserable sight to see. And to help him cope with this pain, fans thought that Hawkeye got a new haircut. But the haircut was not a big hit amongst the fans. And they started making fun of his new hairstyle, which in my opinion is not that bad, just a little funny.


5. Am I Late To The Party?

The movie Endgame didn’t really tell you the Hawkeye’s side when the snap showed it’s effect. But fans assume it must be funny to see Hawkeye being clueless about all the things happening. And even if he knew, he wouldn’t be able to do anything, especially with his choice of weapon. Yes we are talking about his “bow and arrow”.


6. Crucial Part Of The Team!!

You can make fun of Hawkeye all you want but you cannot deny the fact that every time when Hawkeye is fighting along with the team, the team always wins. Even with his not so godly superpowers, he uses his great archery skills and defeats the enemies. You cannot deny the clean win record of our Archer. When a fight is too intense he might not be of great use but he can use his skills and optimistic attitude to help the others.


7. A Rogue Avenger!!

After the completion of the snap, Hawkeye got crazy and went on a kill streak. Fans were amused with the choice Hawkeye made because he could have just reunited with the avengers and make the right decisions. But instead he chose a completely different route, a route even Thanos would not recommend.


8. No Movies For You!!

Hawkeye is the only Avenger with no movie on his name. Fans make fun of him for that. Because most of the Avengers have at least one movie made for them. But our poor Hawkeye doesn’t seem to get that chance. But its alright, as we all love seeing him with the other avengers.


9. 20 Arrows Are Enough, I Guess??

In the first Avenger fight, Hawkeye ran out of arrows to shoot and this gave fans the opportunity to make fun of the Archer for being this underprepared for the fight, especially when he was fighting with a bow and arrow. And the opponents being not just normal people but different alien species, one might expect a little better from him than what he served. He might be a little cocky about his sharp arrows and thought that they are gonna be enough. But when you are fighting with outer space beings, one can never be hundred percent sure. Not here to bash our hero but we just think that he should have packed at least more than 20 arrows for the fight. You know better be safe than sorry!


10. A New Living Shield Every Time!!

Hawkeye’s record is not very clean when it comes to people who have died saving him. That’s why people have assumed that every time a character shields or protects Hawkeye, it’s time to say your goodbyes to the character. Because according to the record, the character is about to die. We are not saying its always the case but there are enough scenarios to say that this is somewhat true.

These were some of the funny Hawkeye memes we gathered. There are a ton of more funny Hawkeye memes on the internet. Hawkeye has a very special role in the Avengers team and what if he do not posses some out of galaxy strength, he got what most of the Avengers lack, that is pristine precision and a funny haircut after the snap. Tell us in the comments what you think about these memes.

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