MCU: 11 ‘Confirmed’ Upcoming Characters We’re Super Excited To See

A lot of us cannot believe that the Marvel Cinematic Universe began with Iron Man close to a decade ago and has been a dream come true for every fan. After a decade, we have been joined by the likes of Captain America, Spiderman, Black Panther and Doctor Strange. It is also reported the Avengers and Guardians of The Galaxy will go through a major makeover for the 4th instalment of Avengers 4.

There will be a huge vacuum left by Captain America and Iron Man as they are set to leave MCU. Marvel has kept us updated about what lies ahead and the superheroes that will come up in the next few months or years. We have compiled a list of MCU characters that are confirmed so far.


MCU fans have been stunned at their announcement of Skrulls making the debut with Captain Marvel.  The buzz is that Skrulls will likely be seen as the villains in the movie by being a half of the Kree/Skrull war. It has been a risky move for Marvel to sign up a relatively new Alien race and we are definitely excited to see some tense and dark moments in the movie.


Captain Marvell will not only bring Carol Danvers into the picture but also, Marvell of the Kree Empire. Mar-vell is said to be the first character who helped Captain Marvel until he passed away due to a bout of cancer, which he was unable to recover from.


The main antagonist in the Season 1 of Punisher was Billy Russo. As he worked with Frank Castle during the war, he is said to have planned out the massacre of Castle’s family. Their rivalry was taken a notch above thanks, to this. We are not quick to forget how Castle disfigures Russo’s face on a mirror by disfiguring him.  Russo is all set to get meaner as he returns as the villain for the Season 2 and this time, with the comic name Jigsaw. Castle’s latest challenge on the block has excited all comic book fans.


We can expect a unique MCU experience with Captain Marvel as there will be a whole set of alien characters to appear in the movie. Minn-erva is said to be obsessed with Captain Marvel’s mantel and she is said to have done the wackiest things to get where is now. This could also affect the war between the Kree and the Skulls. As a spy, she could easily cross paths for both the parties as an ally or a villain.


Cloak and Dagger is one of MCU’s most successful shows and they were quick to announce the 2nd season for it as well. The villain ‘Mayhem’ will appear on the show as a teaser is already out titled ‘mayhem’. She was already seen in Season 1 and her journey to becoming a villain was portrayed in the show. As comparisons with Black Panther’s Killmonger are on the rise, we are thrilled to see as to what the makers would do with her character.

Adam Warlock

The Sovereigns were defeated by the Guardians towards the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Their priestess, Ayesha is angered at this and goes all out to bring them down. The end credits were about Ayesha standing right in front of a cocoon and goes about to say that it is Adam. It is exciting to see him make his way through to Guardians as he has been a character since the Infinity Gauntlet.


The series Daredevil has marked its debut in Netflix and fans are wondering if Bullseye will have an important role in it. Kingpin, Elektra is said to have pivotal roles in the series and for now, Bullseye is missing. While we are still not sure how large a role Bullseye would have in the series, we do know the potential when Netflix and MCU get together.

Typhoid Mary

This bad-ass woman is seen tackling Deadpool or Daredevil. With Marvel, she was seen going against Danny Rand in the second season of Iron Fist. She has not been dependable in all the comics she’s had a role as her transitions are several and she just goes by the name ‘Mary’. As Typhoid Mary, she goes on a rampage by killing innocent people. We will have to watch out for the possibilities when she goes against Danny Rand once again.


He has been one of the most interesting villains in the Spiderman series. He is capable of optical illusions and theatrics and knows how exactly he could mess around with the spidey. His minor appearances in TV series and video games are going to end as he’s going full throttle with Spiderman: Far From Home.

Captain Marvel

MCU is all set to launch the next superhero and fans are excited to see a woman superhero. The project was announced years ago and we will finally see Brie Larson take on the character of Carol Denvers with Kree/Skrull war. Captain Marvel will also be seen playing a pivotal role in Avengers 4.

The Eternals

We aren’t surprised that after working with Avengers: Infinity War and Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel is all set to work on a movie starring The Eternals. They are god-like creatures from the Celestial and one of them is said to be Thanos’s father too.

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