One thing that Marvel Cinematic Universe does the best is assembling a cast of superheroes and the supporting characters and these heroes has different abilities, backstories, opinions and weapons.
Some of them are extremely inspiring and amazing role models, however there are some characters who are amazing heroes but not so great role models.

1. Bad Role Model : Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is extremely intelligent and has some amazing powers and cool personality. But he is not a good role model. He has been an arrogant person and often gives himself self importance due to which he ignores others. And we saw his “role modelling” in Spider-Way: No Way Home trailer.

2. Great Role Model: Black Panther

Even though T’Challa is a king, he is dignified and extremely polite. He is wise and thoughtful as well. He listens to his enemies and is against outdated ideas of society. He is not only a great king, but a great person.

3. Bad Role Model: Scott Lang

Scott Lang isn’t a bad person; he deeply cares for his daughter and tries to mend ties with his ex-wife. But he is not exactly an ideal role model. He has committed a lot of crime and he doesn’t regret them either. He often bumbles around and gets into trouble.

4. Great Role Model: Captain America

Captain America is a symbol of hope, courage and many people consider and look up to him as a role model. He has been brave and idealistic from the start and never abandons anyone even if he had to go on a war against Tony Stark. He is also kind and empathetic. And let’s not forget he inspired Sam Wilson which finally made him accept the shield.

5. Bad Role Model: Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is a beloved MCU character but not because he is a role model but because he’s a spectacle to watch. He of course has a sympathetic side but his behaviour is still not a good example for anyone.
He is a real rogue and will bend any rules or even double cross people if he can earn quick cash or treasure out of it.

6. Great Role Model: Thor

There is no doubt that during the first Thor movie, Thor was nothing but arrogant and a terrible role model and to teach him a lesson, his father sent him to earth. he didn’t have his hammer for sometime then.
That taught him a lesson and he has now become a patient, kind and selfless person.

7. Bad Role Model: Drax


Drax is similar to Rocket Raccoon. He is fun to watch with all the jokes he cracks; but he is reckless and crude. He ends up making jokes at the expense of others. He doesn’t stick to the plan and does whatever he wants.

8. Great Role Model: Wanda Maximoff


Scarlet Witch started off as a villain but ended up experiencing a lot more.
She is empathetic and thoughtful and has a sense of responsibility which makes her a great role model.

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